Six Awesome Tips to Buy Perfect Vintage Clothing

A lot of men and women love vintage clothing; however, getting the choice right can be tricky. And those new to 80s clothes can make some serious fashion mistakes. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes, below are some tips that can guide you:

Know where you are Buying Clothes From

Vintage shops are not the same. You can go to charity shops for beautiful bargains or take advantage of car boot sales. The standard of vintage shopping in town can carry big brand names with many items from all ears. But, they may edit their pieces so customers will need to get stuck in to find something that is them. For special events, remember to shop in a shop that specializes in vintage denims and dresses. Also, do not forget the high street.

Ensure to Look Contemporary

Even if you are buying vintage clothes, you should not think of looking retro or period; otherwise, you can look like you are wearing a costume. Concentrate on the contemporary styles on the high street and dress your decade. This does not mean dressing your age. Rather, it means dressing the decade that suits your body type. If you are a woman with narrow shoulders, you must get yourself 1940s clothes or 70s clothes if you are slim. If you have a tall figure and pear shape, the 80s jumpsuits will never be wrong on you.

Pay for Quality

When buying vintage clothes, examine them and look out for stains, missing buttons, or broken zips. You won’t be able to get out stains properly. You must invest in perfect vintage clothing. The good news is that there are cheap 80s clothes for sale of good quality, especially online.

Don’t Be Too Serious about the Size

Women in the past were a lot smaller and thus, a size 10 from the 80s could be a size 6-8 today. Consider buying oversized clothing. The white wool coat in the 80s that is a size 16 has a big oversized fit that is trendy today.

Feel the Fabric

You can easily fall in love with beautiful dresses and stunning shirts in vintage shops. However, if they are made from man-made fabrics, think twice. These pieces, such as those made from polyester, may be worn only in the evening for short periods as they tend to get too sweaty. Try to look for silks, cottons, denims, and linens.

Try them On

When you visit vintage shops, try on armfuls of clothes. If you like the shape, patterns, or style, you may like a piece of clothing on you. Sometimes, vintage clothing may not sit well on a hanger, so make sure to try it on.