Making The Next Steps on Your Vaping Journey

So, you’re one of the many people who have made the momentous decision to give up smoking and have successfully transitioned to vaping, you’ve enjoyed your starter vape device and tried a number of the different tasty flavours, and you’re looking for the next steps on your vaping journey. We’ll look at one of the newer vape devices on the market today, describe their design features and highlight some specific options for a vaper to choose from; what I’m referring to is the vape pod.

An Advancement in Design

The vape pod is the latest design innovation in the vaping world; they are highly user friendly and offer flexibility as the main improvement to previous designs. These all-in-one pods differ from other vape devices in that they use a self-contained changeable pod unit in place of the standard tank design. The pod contains the coil and is easily changed, allowing the vaper to switch between different e-liquid flavours in seconds; many pods also have the ability to alter the power levels allowing a seamless change between the DTL and MTL vaping styles. Some of the newer vape pod designs also feature pre-filled pods; once the e-liquid is finished, the vaper changes the empty pod for a new full one eliminating the sometimes-messy refilling process.

Looking At Specific Options

There is an abundance of excellent vape pods on the market for the discerning vaper to look at, and their easy-to-use designs mean they are a great option for all types of vapers. We’ll look at the offerings from three industry-leading manufacturers, the Smok Nord, Voopoo’s Drag and Innokin’s Coolfire Z50, all of which are superb options.

The Smok Nord Pod Range

The Smok Nord features a powerful 1100mAh internal battery, 2ml pods, and different coil options. The stylish design is available in different colours and features a redesigned, more comfortable mouthpiece. Further design improvements in the Smok Nord range include the upgraded Nord X with an improved 1500mAh battery and durable shockproof and waterproof design to an IP-67 rating.

The Voopoo Drag Pods

Voopoo’s Drag pods are consistently highly rated by the vaping industries reviewers; the stylish design features a compact pocket size, a powerful 18650 battery and 2ml pods. A host of intelligent safety features and variable settings represents an excellent option for those vapers looking to progress into the sub-ohm world. The improved option in the range is the Drag MAX, a beast of a machine powered by dual batteries; it also gives the vaper the option to switch between the DTL and MTL methods of vaping.

The Innokin Z50 Vape Pod

The Z50 is the latest offering in the bestselling Coolfire range; a simple to use design with a powerful 2100mAh battery gives a superb all day vape. A modern OLED colour screen and a simple interface mean they are a great option for the newer vaper looking to move on from their starting vape. Available in a stylish range of colours, when combined with a suitable Nic salt 50/50 e-liquid, it produces a high-grade vape.

These vape pods represent a great next step for any vaper; hopefully, this short piece has given you the information and ideas to confidently plan your vaping journey and take your enjoyment to new heights!