Latest Luxury Window and Door Trends

When you start to re-decorate your home, you want to make sure that every last detail is on-trend and as modern and sleek as possible. One thing that many people overlook is their windows and their doors which can keep your home from reaching the effect that you are looking for. You have to have luxury windows & doors in your home in order for it to look the best that it can look as they are seen by everyone inside your house as well as strangers and neighbors passing by your home every day. Below are the top trends for luxury windows & doors to help you know what to get!

As open as possible

If you have a smaller space, you want to make it feel as open and big as possible. One way to really open up the interior of your home is to make the exterior walls window walls. This provides views from every angle without anything getting in the way. It allows for the room to feel larger and more spacious than ever without ever adding on any additional floor space.

Some homes need more to be softened up a bit

There are some homes that need to be softened up a bit and made to feel more warm and cozy. Many modern homes are meant to simply look sleek and have very clean lines, which means that they are not particularly warm and inviting. Adding in curved windows and doors gives the home a very cozy feeling. The rounded edges and custom curves are inviting. Whether it be a full-circle, half-circle, or moon-shaped window, you can bet that installing these windows will help soften the modern aesthetic a bit.

Wood is making a comeback

Several years ago, people installed windows and left natural wood around the frame. At the time, this was the height of home decor, but it went out of fashion. As of now, having wood around your window is making a comeback. The wood offers extra character which gives your home a more classic look with more character. If you have wood that is reclaimed wood or more rustic, then it further exemplifies the aesthetic you are going for.

Adding metal window frames

Dark metal is not just beautiful around kitchen cabinets, it looks beautiful around windows and doors as well and is becoming more and more popular. This trend uses matte black metal, brushed gold, copper, or stainless steel around the windows and it brings out patterns and other accents around your house. It offers a very polished, sophisticated look to every room in the house when it is put on a window or a door.

High-performance windows for extreme weather areas

There are many homeowners who are located all over the country that experience some type of extreme weather during the year instead of mild weather all year long; not too hot and not too cold. These homeowners could live in places that go through several hurricanes a year, have extreme heat in the summer and it stays hot in the winter, or they go through freezing winter weather. High-performance windows and doors are a huge trend as it keeps the inside of the house comfortable and safe through this extreme weather as well as energy-efficient without causing them to have to give up their view or sacrifice for something they do not want.

Whether you are looking for windows to add more charm or soften your home, or windows to help protect it, there are several trends out this year that will provide you with everything you need while making your home look as on-trend as possible.