How To Start Living Sustainably In 5 Easy Steps

Environmental sustainability can be very challenging to uphold in one’s daily life. It requires your effort and input by engaging in practices and lifestyle practices that promote environmental protection. Everything you do in your day-to-day life has an impact on the environment. What products you buy, the food you eat, the method of transport you use and even your general lifestyle practices such as driving have an effect on the environmental footprint.

Living sustainably however helps lessen and reduce the impact on the planet. Below are five easy steps to follow to start living sustainably.

  • Use reusable bottles and packaging

Most packaging made from material that cannot be reused or recycled end up in the environment and cause harm. To avoid increasing the amount of waste, you should always aim at using reusable water bottles or reusable produce bags to help reduce the waste and ensure the reusability of the material. In case you do not understand how to use reusable produce bags and bottles you can inquire from your vendors and suppliers.

  • Practice energy efficiency throughout

Saving energy is one way of ensuring sustainability. Avoid using appliances and lights that consume a lot of energy. It is advisable to try using energy-conservative preservation methods and avoid appliances that have high energy requirements. For example, you can buy freshie food saver bags and use them to keep any purchased produce fresh. You can also learn other various ways on how to keep produce fresh so that you have alternative ways of preserving the product and not using fridges.

  • Carry your packaging when going to shop

If you are a frequent coffee drinker or always buy foodstuff from a store, then you know you should carry something to carry them in. Carrying a go-to container or a travel coffee mug reduces the need for new packaging every time. Additionally, such containers usually last longer hence resource and energy preservation.

  • Always donate and resell things you no longer use

Most people prefer to stalk up items and store them when they are no longer in use. This also means that the items end up disposed of and end up in landfills. To achieve sustainability, ensure that items that have to be disposed of are used when still usable or can be renovated. This will help reduce the products that end in dumpsites and pollute the environment.

  • Save water

Saving water is another way of living sustainably. Most households end up paying large water bills just because the occupants don’t conserve water. Water conservation can be ensured by encouraging the use of a shower instead of taking a bath and installing toilets that allow both full flush and half flush. Such enhancements help reduce the amount of water used in a household.


Living sustainably requires that you protect the environment and ensure that resources are conserved. There are several things you can do to achieve sustainability. It does not also mean that you cannot have a luxurious lifestyle due to sustainability practices. Furthermore, the benefits of living sustainably are numerous.