5 Temporary Tattoo Party Ideas For Your Little One

Children’s parties are meant to be fun and full of activities. Temporary tattoos can be very interesting and unique and should be included in the plan for your little ones day. The temporary tattoos are a perfect activity since they are very easy to apply and can be removed at the end of the party.

Additionally, temporary tattoos for kids are made in different designs that suit boys and others for girls. You can also choose to include very colourful designs with different symbols that children find interesting. Most temporary tattoos for kids are made into shapes of animals, rainbows, hearts, insects and even flowers.

Below are some types of Temporary tattoos you can include in your littles ones party

  • Glow in the dark tattoos

Glow in the dark type of temporary tattoos can be your kids favourite. This type of tattoo usually has a glow even with the lights off. They can be suitable for slumber parties or kids Halloween parties. They also brighten your child’s mood especially if they are not comfortable in the dark. Whenever your kid exposes the glow in the dark tattoo to minimal light, the tattoo will shine like stars.

  • Classic Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos can be created in various designs both for adults and children. Children however love custom temporary tattoos making them ideal for their parties and events. These types of tattoos last for a few days and are easy to remove. They are also very vibrant and will make your child happy. These tattoos are usually made on order since they are unique, and your kids can choose a design that helps them express what they love best. You can also get a custom temporary tattoo created from an artwork that your child loves.

  • Superhero tattoos

Most children love superhero movies and stories. Superhero tattoos can be very interesting to children since there are several superheroes to choose from. There are almost 150 different marvel characters each with a specific tattoo design. Your kids can choose their favourite superhero character. Additionally, superhero tattoos are very detailed and are easy to apply.

  • Sparkle and Sass Tattoos

Children, especially girls, are attracted to shiny and sparkly things. Glitter tattoos are ideal for your child’s party if they love bling. These types of temporary tattoos for kids are usually available in different designs and have a very glittery sheen that does not fade away quickly.

  • Metallic tattoos

Metallic tattoos are usually silver or golden once they have been applied. They are also considered as custom temporary tattoos since you can choose what designs you want for your kids. They appear metallic making them look like jewellery. They also complement every child’s skin and can be very interesting especially for girls.


Most parents always match the party theme and the type of tattoos available for their kids. Kids temporary tattoos are sold in various designs and are easy to apply and remove. To make your child’s party memorable, you can choose to include a tattoo booth and have interesting shapes and symbols for children to play with and tattoo themselves. You can also have tattoos custom designed to suit your children’s interests and allow them to express themselves using the temporary tattoos.