A Guide to Small Engine Honda Motorcycles in the United Kingdom

If you have a son who really wants to get into motorcycle riding and he has reached the age of 17, there is a lot to consider. Aside from the obvious bike style choice, it is important to have some safety tuition, as riding on the UK roads could be considered dangerous. In this article, we will highlight the range of 125cc bikes that the leading manufacturer, Honda is showcasing today.

Honda MSX Range

The market leader, Honda have a great range of small motorcycles that are suitable for a young learner, which include the stylish Honda MSX 125, a street-style bike with lots of power and tech to make the ride smooth. The naked look sees the engine and gearbox open, which offers great cooling and superb handling, with a lightweight bike that is perfect for traffic.

Sports Style CBR Range

If you prefer the super-sport look, the Honda CB 125 offers streamlined style and handles like a MotoGP bike, which uses similar technology as the CBR 1000. If you would rather a used bike, there are affordable used Honda motorcycles at Wheels, a leading UK Honda bike dealership where you will find the best deals.

Honda Forza 125 Range

This is a GT scooter style, great for stylish urban travel and a firm favourite with young trendy people that want swift and reliable urban transport and with a 300-mile range, the bike is pretty economical. There’s room for two helmets under the seat, which is a lot of storage space for a scooter and the acceleration is ideal for rising around town. Click here for further reading on the benefits of 3rd party bike insurance.

Honda PCX 125

This is a street-style scooter with all the gadgets for modern urban riding, with masses of storage and smart key technology, this bike is very economical. This model incorporates Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which helps maintain rear tyre grip, even in wet conditions. You’ll be pleased to learn that the PCX has a USB port, to keep your mobile device charged and this model is very popular with the girls.

Honda SX Mode 125

Another city bike that is both fun to ride and nippy in traffic, the SX has bright LED lighting and smart start solutions, so you can keep the key in your pocket while riding. Indeed, for many commuters, this little bike takes them to and from the train station every morning and evening.

It is essential to apply for your provisional bike licence, click here for more information on bike licences in the United Kingdom, and you will need to pay road tax and take out bike insurance. Let’s not forget wearing the right protective clothing and gear, which is essential when riding a motorcycle and with a few lessons, the new rider can begin to gain valuable hands-on experience.