Tips on How to Be a Social Person Online

Being a social person can be a hassle for some introverts and it translates differently to each individual. Perhaps, being a social person for you means chatting with your pizza delivery guy or hanging out with your closest friends on the weekend.

Having an active social life can decrease stress as various commitments and anxieties can drain the enjoyment out of your life. That is the reason why some people look forward to becoming socially desirable in the digital world as well as in the real world. (1)

The answer to the main question, which is how to be a social person, can be solved in various ways. For example, you might use some of the available random video chat apps that let you meet and talk to random strangers online and get the chance to improve your communication skills and be exposed to new ideas and cultures.

Random Video Chat Apps: Why are They Important for Introverts?

If you are an introvert and face difficulties in socializing with people in your workplace or regular life, then one of the ideal solutions is to download meetup programs such as random video chat apps which will allow you to meet and start a conversation with people from all over the globe.

These apps have several great features like allowing the user to strike a random video call with anyone which provides you with the opportunity to spend some interesting time during the weekends.

Another helpful merit that these apps provide while video chatting with random people is that they make it easier for both parties to act a bit more spontaneously and throw around a few punchlines while exchanging a conversation and explore different types of food recipes or traditions.

Top 5 Tips on How to Be a Social Person Online

  • Choose Your Most Suitable Social Platform:
    You need to choose the best social platform that meets your interests or gives you the features that you are more inclined to use. Also, you need to consider the type of people on that platform, whether they would share the same topics that you are interested in or not.
  • Keep an Open Mind:
    Try to keep an open mind to other people’s thoughts, topics, and what they normally like to talk about so you can explore new ideas that were oblivious to you before. Random video call apps have a specific feature that lets you choose personal preferences to connect with like-minded users such as connecting with people that like to talk about sports specifically or books or certain movies and so forth.
  • Try Not to Limit Yourself with a Single Platform:
    Having a variety of random video chat apps could make you feel more engaged with other people and will expand your interests to a new range of areas that you have never been exposed to before, thus, making you feel more connected to different types of users.
  • Write or Talk About Trending Topics:
    It would be a good idea to talk about the most trending topics that interest a lot of people. For Example, you can go live and talk about a recent socio-political issue that is happening in your country and share your thoughts about it, if you think it presents a new point of view to the subject or some sort of a new solution.
  • Engage with Your Audience and Friends:
    Replying to comments or answering questions during your live video chat session keeps your audience engaged to the topic you are talking about and makes them feel more connected to it. Encouraging your friends on a social platform to write back to you about the same matter or share your live video feed would also help make your profile reachable to a much larger audience.


1-Decrease anxiety.