Top Reasons Why Wounds on Your Foot May Not Heal Quickly

So many people in this world are suffering from foot wounds nowadays. The worst part about them is they take longer to heal when compared to the ones on the other parts of the body. Besides, several factors can slow down the process of healing. Check the following to know about them in detail.

  • Pressure: Applying too much pressure by wearing a tight shoe or standing for a long time can be extremely dangerous to your foot wound. This excessive pressure on your wound can be relieved by using some specialized shoes or pressure relief cushions. In some people, this pressure can occur due to your foot structure. You must avoid putting too much pressure on your foot, otherwise, it can increase the severity of your wound.
  • Swelling: Leg wounds are frequently caused by putting too much strain on the skin, which might result in swelling sometimes. This swelling can increase the severity of your problem and results in slow wound healing. Lymphatic disorders, cardiac difficulties, high blood pressure, and varicose veins are all major causes of chronic edema. Certain drugs and compression therapy can control this swelling up to some extent.
  • Incorrect Treatment: Wounds have a tendency to modify their behavior, which necessitates changes in therapy. Continuing with the same therapy or treatment can make your wound heal more slowly.
  • Poor Blood Circulation: Proper blood circulation is required for your wound to heel. If you observe any delay in your wound healing then blood flow testing may be required to investigate any artery abnormalities. Your doctor will suggest certain procedures to make your blood vessels open, which helps you by improving the blood circulation in your body.
  • Infection: An infected wound usually takes a lot of time to heal. In fact, if the bacterial overgrowth increases, it might take a long time to heal. To treat this condition certain antibiotics are usually required.

If you are looking for quick wound healing then the first thing, which you have to do, is contact a podiatrist. So many podiatrists in Irvine are popular for their treatments. The most famous podiatrist among them is Dr.Sima Soltani. This podiatrist is well known for her operation-less treatment, and most of the people in Irvine choose her treatment for foot-related problems.

Remember, for proper wound care, you must always consult a foot specialist. What many people do is, they will follow some remedies at their home. The remedies that you follow at your home may or may not help you. If you do not take the treatment at the right time, your wound can turn into a serious problem, which requires some costly treatment.

Do podiatrists treat foot ulcers?

When you contact a podiatrist, he or she will examine your condition and determine whether you are developing a foot ulcer. For ulcer care, they might initially recommend some medications and creams. If they do not find any improvement in your condition, then they will proceed with further treatment, which could be surgery too sometimes.