Identifying Common Foot Problems and Nipping them in the Bud

If you suffer from cracked heels or foot pain, then you might be suffering from common foot issues. Many a time, they might occur if you walk or stand for long periods and might go off on their own. If the issue persists, then you might have to get your feet checked by a podiatrist.

Foot Ulcers Caused Due to Medical Conditions

You might be taking utmost care of your feet, but if you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, then you might be prone to feet ulcers. One of the most common foot injuries is diabetic ulcers. These ulcers if not treated in the initial stages can lead to amputation.

Diabetic foot ulcers are open wounds or sores that are found in the soles of your feet. This can be caused due to high blood sugar or poor blood circulation. In such situations, it is better to get your feet checked by podiatrists such as Dr. Sima Soltani Podiatry Office in Irvine, California. They have experienced wound care specialists that will prescribe the right treatment plan based on your medical history.

Common symptoms of diabetic foot ulcers include irritation, redness, odors, swelling. Severe symptoms include black tissue surrounding the ulcer.

The treatment for diabetic ulcers will depend on the severity of the wound. Your doctor might advise you to avoid putting pressure on the affected feet. They might offer you, casts, foot braces or compression wraps to ease the ulcer. In certain cases, they might even remove the dead skin and bandage the ulcer. If the ulcer is completely infected, then you might need to undergo surgery.

To avoid diabetic ulcers, you might need to exercise preventive measures in ulcer care such as:

  • Cleaning your feet regularly
  • Keeping your feet moisturized
  • Wearing appropriate footwear
  • Regularly visiting your doctor to get your calluses and corns removed
  • Monitoring your blood glucose levels

Taking Proper Care of Your Feet and Avoiding Common Foot Problems

Some of the common foot problems that you might be familiar with are:

  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Ingrown toenails, a condition wherein the corner of your toenail grows onto the surrounding area. It is generally found on your big toe and can be treated with medications and proper shoes. The athlete’s foot occurs due to moisture either from sweating or water getting accumulated between your toes. This can be treated by over-the-counter fungal medications that can help in wound healing.

Plantar Fascia is a ligament that stretches from your heel to your toes. When this is inflamed, it can cause severe pain while walking, a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can be improved by limiting physical activities and exercising your calf muscles.

If nothing works, you can opt for laser therapy that helps in tissue healing by making use of light energy from lasers. They target the damaged tissues and help in easing pain. This is also an effective technique for wound care especially for wounds that do not heal on their own.


Taking care of your feet is the first step in preventing feet problems. Wear the right shoes that are comfortable and do not cause your feet to cramp, making it difficult for you to walk.