The Hardest Car Parts to Clean

There are any number of situations where you may want, or need, to clean your car. Easy enough right? Take the floor mats out, clean the upholstery, wash the exterior, and wipe down the windows– it’s hardly rocket science. However, a car is a very complicated piece of equipment, with a lot of different parts. We all know how to vacuum a car’s floor and seats and how to wipe the dashboard, but do you know how to clean the wheels? That can be quite a different matter.

The good news is that these difficult-to-clean parts of a car’s anatomy are rarely something that the average car owner will have to deal with. The most visible parts of a car tend to be the easiest to clean. However, there are some circumstances where you may have to get your car spotless. Usually, this is when you hope to sell your car and give it the best chance when being viewed by potential buyers.

Selling Your Car

If cleaning your car to perfection seemslike a bit of a daunting task, you may wish to consider selling your car through a dealership, if that is indeed the reason for your deep clean., a dealership with outlets in the Riverside County, San Bernardino Country, Los Angeles,and across Southern California, recommend that a car be turned in after a basic clean, but there is no need to have it spotless. The great advantage of dealerships is that they have the resources to efficiently clean and restore a car for sale. This is because of the sheer numbers of cars that are restored as they pass through a dealership and are distributed to outlets across the country. When restoration is common practice, cleaning is no big challenge. Here then follows what we believe are the most difficult parts of a car to clean:

The Wheels

A car’s wheels are perhaps the most important part of the car that is difficult to clean. While many other parts may be fairly inconspicuous, dirty wheels are noticeable. Moreover, wheels get dirty fast. The trick is to treat wheels as a separate job and not to clean them simply as part of an overall cleaning job. This is because a great deal of dirt accumulates here. To clean wheels, you will need to hose them down, apply the cleaner, and then get into all the small spaces with a bristly brush. You may have to repeat this process a few times as well.

Door Jams

Cleaning around door jams can be pretty tricky. The problem here is that you’ll need to find a way of cleaning in and about the hinges while still leaving enough grease to ensure a smooth operation.

Interior Console Areas

The interior console areas of a car are simply full of small areas that collect dirt and which are simply too small to get the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner into. You can use a brush but remember to clean these fairly regularly.If dirt builds up, this can turn into a particularly challenging task.


Headlights are situated at the very front of a vehicle, a vehicle which moves at speed through often dirty and bug-filled air. Over time, the headlights can dim. In many cases, professional restoration is the only way to get them back to looking as good as new.

In summary, it is usually the angular and small parts of the car that most often build up dirt and grime. A good rule of thumb for all these areas is to tackle the problem before it becomes too taxing. Ultimately, it’s the buildup over time which is the real killer.