“I work in cam jobs and I got infected with the virus”. What should you do?

If the coronavirus had feelings, he would be happier now than he was in February, when the pandemic started. The number of daily cases is surging all over the world, but especially in Europe and the United States, as the weather gets colder, the restrictions become milder, and people are less and less eager to spend their lives inside their homes. If we also mention that the holiday season is approaching quickly, we get the picture of a very sad December. Everybody is at risk of getting infected, even if the virus is far from fatal for younger people.

No matter how much we protect ourselves from the virus, we can’t hide forever in our apartment or house. Going outside, at the supermarket or in other crowded places, is a serious risk, even if we wear a mask. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a big surprise if you got infected. Here is the situation: you had what seemed like the perfect life, working in cam jobs and earning a lot of money, traveling all over the world, and buying all the things you wished for, from the sports car of your dreams to the newest clothes and makeup products.

And then, suddenly, you get the test result: you are positive for the new virus! What should you do? Well, first of all, don’t panic! As long as you are feeling alright, with no symptoms or very mild ones, such as a sore throat or a slight loss of taste and smell, you should treat it as normal flu. After all, for a young and healthy woman like you, it will have no serious and long-term effects on your body. But what will the consequences be on your activity in cam jobs?

The most important thing is to isolate yourself immediately after having the first symptoms or, if you are asymptomatic, immediately after taking the test. This way, you will minimize the risk of infecting other people, including your family, friends, colleagues, and other employees working in the cam jobs industry. Secondly, you have to let your manager and colleagues know about your situation even before sharing the news with your family and friends. This way, you make sure that they don’t find out from other sources, which would be quite bad for your reputation.

After all, having this virus is not like having the plague or other disease you should feel ashamed of. During a pandemic, it’s absolutely normal that everybody is at risk, and most of us will become carriers of the virus at some point.

Of course, another important change is that your cam jobs activity will take place from home for at least two weeks, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem since you only “meet” your members online. Some of them might not even notice that you are no longer in the studio but in your own apartment. After the isolation period is over, you should do an antibody test, to make sure you are protected and no longer contagious, and resume your normal life – but wearing a mask in public places, of course!