Advantages One Can Reap After Becoming A Citizen Of Turkey

The number of foreign nationalities applying for Turkish citizenship and obtaining it has increased remarkably in recent times. Reaping a host of advantages is possible when one gets hold of a Turkish passport by investing in real estate. Foreign investors who aspire to become Turkish citizens opt for the citizenship program.

Some of the major benefits of Turkish citizenship include visa-free travel to over 110 nations, access to a world-class educational system, comprehensive medical assistance, lifetime citizenship and more. The popular transcontinental country has become the second home to many global citizens who want to make the most of lucrative business opportunities.

Reading further will give you a clear understanding of all the reasons that compel investors worldwide to obtain Turkish citizenship. The easiest and least complicated method of getting a Turkish passport is buying a real estate property worth 400,000 USD or above.

Profitable Real Estate Investment

Most foreign real estate investors who acquire Turkish citizenship make considerable profits in dollars. You can even ensure your real estate investment in Turkey becomes profitable to a significant extent if you choose the right properties. Anyone who opts for the Turkish citizenship program and becomes a citizen can make the most of every real estate business opportunity that comes their way.

Obtain Top-Quality Medical Services for Free

Real estate investors who hail from different countries and get Turkish citizenship are able to enjoy all the rights that a native citizen has. Having a valid Turkish passport means seamless access to world-class healthcare support at the best hospitals in Turkey, completely free of cost. The best thing is there is no specific limitation, and Turkish citizens do not need to insure or subscribe to anything.

The Level of Education is Higher

The level of education in this country is of a higher standard. Schools do not charge any tuition fee, and enrolling in leading public universities requires students to pay a very reasonable amount of money. Students receive various discounts and offers when they use different transportation. Studying in Turkey helps students enrich their knowledge better as they get theoretical and practical experience.

Bank Accounts Opening Right

Foreign citizens who intend to invest in real estate properties in Turkey can apply for and receive a Turkish passport within 3-6 months. One of the feasible options for acquiring a Turkey citizenship by investment is a deposit of 500,000 USD or more in a Turkish private or public bank and keeping it for at least 3 years. Everyone with a Turkish passport has the right to open accounts in various local as well as international banks.

Visa-Free Travel or Visa upon Arrival

If you dream of travelling to different countries before turning old, the best move you can make is to obtain Turkish citizenship. A legitimate citizen of Turkey can visit over 67 nations without a visa and receive a visa on arrival in nearly 50 countries. The Turkish passport remains legal for ten years.

Foreign Operation Consultancy can help you register your new company in Turkey, besides facilitating you to obtain Turkish citizenship. Reach out to them to learn whether you are eligible for a company opening or start your business in Turkey.