Empowering The Next Generation

In 2019, the global market for toys valued around USD 22.10 Billion. Namco Bandai, Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, Lego, and Mattel are the companies that rule the chart worldwide. Exploring childhood wonders and empowering the following generation,Mattel’s US-based company dominates children and family entertainment portfolios. View master reels that one can view with its viewer are one of Mattel’s highly recommendable products. Virtual Reality was the main principle behind these; its products aim to deliver an intrinsic experience. The significant level of engagement and emotional connection of consumers with the brand has made it possible to entertain and develop children through play. The reels come up with a variety of subjects that children find fascinating.

View Master’s History and Today

The view master made its debut at the 1939 World Fair in New York, and the brand to date sticks to the same concept. The viewer is a compact and modern stereoscopic device designed for viewing three-dimension, full-color picture transparencies. Its stereoscope is slightly larger than a pair of opera glasses. Using the Google Cardboard VR implementation, the view master, using its SDK, the new view master comes up with a mobile app. The smartphone screen becomes the medium to display and is attached to the back of the unit. Each view master reel is durable and acts as a disk made of paper with seven stereoscopic sets of coloured, transparent, Kodachrome pictures. These sets appear to come up as a three-dimensional view to be experienced by a user.

Companies Targeting Children

Understanding the importance of play during the early formative years; companies concentrate on developing articles and products to help develop motor skills. The products are designed on the same principle of purposeful play, beginning with sensory growth and awareness and evolving to problem-solving, cooperation, and emotional intelligence. The products, inheriting both the qualities to satisfy parents and making children laugh, learn, and explore their terms, let children have a good head start. The high-performance cars created by The industry simulate the real world for kids, despite considering the factors of playing independently, collaboratively, or competitively. For the display and retail in the market, the companies categorize their products as:-

  • Infant, Toddler, and Pre-School
  • Dolls
  • Games
  • Vehicles
  • Action Figures
  • Construction

Virtual Reality Taking The Stage

With the introduction of many 360 degrees and VR devices, the expectation has become more.

For instance, many companies like HTC and Oculus introduce their tools, and improve their visual experience, increasing the immersion sense. Reels and videos that make one feel the touch of a make-believe world will enrich future expertise. Also, a walk-through experience called The Cave lets one immerse more in a virtual world.

The concepts and ideas may evolve in the future to help children play and learn a better way. Virtual reality will enrich the playing experience and help adults test things, understand geography, and make virtual models. It’s time to use technology to reduce wastage, risks, labour and save our money, time, and resources.