How Poor Website Design Can Negatively Affect Google?

Appropriately designing your website is necessary to see your business growing. Unfortunately, many prominent business people fail to design a website despite having a quality product to offer.

It would help make sure the website you’ve designed is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Otherwise, people won’t bother to visit your site.

This article will tell you where people make mistakes while designing their websites.

Reasons for the poorly designed website

  • Short landing pages

Don’t create short landing pages if you want to make your website fast-growing. Creating a short landing page may help you increase the leads, but that would be temporary.

People would come to your website but won’t buy anything citing the less information you’ve published on your website.

Moreover, short landing pages also prevent you from placing the keywords appropriately. Keywords are the most important aspects of making your website SEO-friendly.

That’s why if you want to attract customers for the long term, you need to create long landing pages similar to the ones web design Brisbane creates.

  • Errors and missing images

If you’re willing to welcome many visitors to your website and want them to buy your product, you need to pay attention to every aspect.

You need to take extra care while designing your website. First, you need to ensure your website doesn’t have any errors. Sometimes, a message pops up when a visitor enters your site saying ” Error”.  It happens due to some technical flaws of your site. And audit report by SEO Sunshine Coast can help you identify those short comings.

Second, don’t embed the broken links into your site. This aspect creates a harmful impact on your site and stops potential customers from visiting your site.

Third, you need to make sure the images you’re posting on your website are clear. Blurry or irrelevant images won’t help your cause, preventing the visitors from making purchases.

  • Loading speed

Another thing that can badly affect your website’s reputation is poor loading speed. A visitor expects your website to load in a couple of seconds.

If that’s not the case, he won’t visit there and will probably go back. 79% of shoppers have revealed that they’d not visit and purchase anything from a poor loading website.

Moreover, you also don’t need to use flash on your site because it prevents your website from becoming mobile-friendly.

Remember, you can only reduce your web page’s load by embedding relevant images, correctly embedded videos, and a small number of plugins.

  • Increased Bounce rate

The success of your website is directly proportional to the bounce rate. To make your website successful, you need to ensure the website’s bounce rate doesn’t increase.

A bounce rate is a situation when visitors of your site don’t bother to buy anything after visiting your site and return immediately.

 It happens when your website lacks quality, and irrelevant things pop up whenever a visitor visits there.

To ensure the bounce rate of your website stays within control, you need to design your website carefully and wisely to avoid the scare.

Final Words

Everyone wants his business website to grow, and he wishes to acquire many customers. But, sadly, that’s not the case for many website owners. We’ve mentioned how negligence in designing a website can lead you to failure.

You can read this article and then think about a mistake while designing your website. If you can cope with the minor issues, you can make your website grow faster.