Bathroom Mirror Designs: Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom

Beyond just practical reflective surfaces, mirrors influence the overall bathroom ambience through their frames, shapes, sizes and smart features. The right bathroom mirror transforms everyday spaces into shrines, reflecting personalised style. From vintage brass framed antiques to backlit LED displays and custom artistic forms, mirrors help articulate interior visions.

In this article, you will learn how to improve your bathroom with mirrors that match your desired mood. Whether modern, victorian or artistic, the right mirror sets the tone for your bathroom experience.

Cultivating Calm Through Minimalist Mirrors

Minimalist mirrors cut through the visual clutter for those favouring tranquillity’s quiet power. Often borderless, their clean edges meet walls in understated balance. Thin rectangular forms stretch the perception of depth and space availability by floating off background surfaces.

Framed versions feature simple perpendicular lines, sculptural rounds or oval biomorphic curves stripped of all ornament. Materials like frameless tempered glass, aluminium sheet backing or acrylic resin lend sleek durability even at larger scales. Neutral white and black palettes project a serene ambience while metallic bronzes, coppers, and unfinished steel contribute edge.

When backlit perimeter glow illuminates mirrors’ razor-fine borders at night, they appear almost dematerialised, more lambent halos than physical objects. Staging these plain yet sublime mirrors spotlights pristine textures behind like stone slab walls or woven grass cloth in shared luminosity. Their graceful negative space carves out mindfulness, perfect for contemplative wellness retreats.

Infusing Modern Brilliance Through LED Mirrors

LED mirror technology has brought a significant change in the illumination of bathrooms. It is a high-tech solution that provides remarkable brilliance by discreetly incorporating LED lights into mirrors. Unlike traditional bulbs that cast stark directional glare, ultra-bright backlights are emitted by the LED mirror technology across full glass surfaces. This results in perfect, even light diffusion, eliminating shadows and boosting visibility.

Sensor-activated controls allow customising multi-tone warmth levels from invigorating daylight white clarity to soothing candlelit amber or remote-connected colour tuning appeasing personal biological rhythms. Some features include defoggers clearing post-shower humidity, Bluetooth audio syncing playlists to prune routines, plus built-in digital clocks and calendar views.

When combined with intelligent plumbing fixtures, advanced voice controls enable the customisation of entire bathroom suites to adapt to moods, needs, and usage patterns through high-quality illumination. Installing contiguous backlit surfaces in surrounding areas creates a sense of continuity for a completely immersive and refined experience.

Gaining Storage with Cabinet Mirror Designs

Cabinet-style mirrors are perfect for modern bathrooms with limited space. The bathroom mirrors have built-in compartments hidden behind reflective glass to store first aid items, toiletries, and other supplies. Adjustable shelves optimise storage space and keep things organised and accessible.

Verdera’s elegant mirrored cabinet is designed to enhance your bathroom’s lighting through its integrated perimeter LEDs that emit optimal shadow-free lighting with minimum true visibility. The cabinet features pivoting side panels for directional lighting, a built-in defogger and a 3X magnifying pull-out door mirror to aid in grooming. The cabinet has three glass shelves and a 110° slow-close door that maximises storage and access. Pair the Verdera cabinet with KOHLER surrounds/side kits for a cohesive look.

Mirrored fronts attach to sidewalls and can be customised with various cabinet sizes, finishes, and layouts. Customisable drawers are perfect for storing bulk backup items. At the same time, open-faced medicine cabinets are great for keeping your daily essentials within easy reach. The convenience of having necessary products organised yet obscured maintains a tidy and tranquil ambience. Decorative mirrors now have added functionality with surprise storage.

Curating Custom Statement Mirrors

Custom artistic mirrors can be an excellent choice if you’re searching for a method to infuse your interior design with a personal touch. You can integrate exclusive textures, shapes, and creative etchings into your mirrors by collaborating with specialised glaziers. Consequently, this will enable you to design unique focal points that align flawlessly with your broader interior vision.

Use mirrors with grey metalwork frames resembling forest canopies or palm fronds for a nature-inspired look. The coastal chic aesthetic can be achieved with wave-like silhouettes on mirror edges. Personalise mirrors with carved-out names or quotes for sentimental showpieces.

Utilise locally sourced, reclaimed materials such as warehouse window panes, vintage handheld mirrors, and broken bottles to simplify the design of your rooms. By doing so, you can create eco-conscious art that carries local backstories. Adopting such an approach can help distinguish your rooms from mass-manufactured ones.


Mirrors are not just items of vanity. Since ancient times, they have been able to captivate our imagination and can be creatively used in bathrooms. They can tell stories, expand perceived space, and showcase artistry. Kohler provides versatile bathroom mirrors that can complement any style. When choosing a mirror, looking for one that reflects your personality and style is essential.