9 Reasons Why Outdoor Blinds Are Summer Must-Haves

With temperatures soaring around the world, many Australians are wondering just how hot their summer’s going to be. With that in mind, homeowners may want to get a head start on setting up their outdoor areas.

One of the best ways to spruce up your backyard patio is to install the outdoor blinds Melbourne residents are investing in. With an array of options that are easily customised to your needs, there has never been a better time to give your space a makeover in this way.

Why Outdoor Blinds Are a Firm Favourite

There are several reasons why both indoor and outdoor blinds are still very popular. Our detailed list of top reasons to consider adding outdoor blinds to your space will leave you wondering why you haven’t done it sooner.

1.      Best Way to Enclose an Outdoor Space

Surrounding your outdoor patio area with a few outdoor blinds is a great way to create a room that can be used all year round. Blinds can be raised to provide your guests with a cool breeze or lowered when it rains or gets too hot.

Unlike solid walls, a blind will allow you and your guests to enjoy the outside without being overwhelmed by heat, bugs or rain. Not only are blinds functional and stylish but modern as well.

2.      Adds Value to Your Home

Another positive factor is that outdoor blinds around an outdoor entertainment area boost the value of your home. Since quality blinds are durable, they’re an excellent investment in your current property value.

3.      Easy Way to Operate

Thanks to modern technology, the ever-popular Ziptrak blinds Sydney and other Australian homeowners are opting for, are quick and easy to operate. You can choose between manual or motorised options. A big plus with the motorised option is that you can easily operate them with a remote from wherever you are in the home.

4.      Stress-Free Cleaning

Great news is that outdoor blinds usually don’t require a lot of cleaning. Unlike windows, they don’t need routine cleaning to look neat. To clean your Ziptrak blinds, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Perform light dusting with a feather duster or soft brush
  • For a more extensive clean, opt for some warm soapy water – avoid harsh chemicals
  • Rinse the blinds with clean water to freshen them up
  • Leave them in the down mode to air dry properly

5.      Regulate Your Patio Temperature

The general idea of a patio is to create a space where you and your guests can enjoy some time outside. Closing the space with windows isn’t ideal as you’ll trap hot air inside.

With blinds, you can easily open them to enjoy the best the Australian summer has to offer. Alternatively, closing them half or all the way will allow you to regulate the amount of sun you want in the space. It’s a great way to cool or warm up your patio area. Limiting UV exposure is also perfect for keeping you and your guests comfortable.

6.      Keep the Summer Bugs Out

One of the more common gripes homeowners have with their summer barbeques is the abundance of bugs. It seems that mosquitos enjoy outdoor parties just as much as you do.

The best way to enjoy your space, the warm air and the barbeque ambience minus the bugs is by installing outdoor blinds around the whole area. Guests can enjoy the summer air without constantly swatting mosquitos!

7.      Protect Outdoor Furniture

Setting up your outdoor entertainment area involves choosing the comfiest and most stylish furniture for the space. That said, outdoor furniture can easily get dirty from dust, rain and of course the sun.

Installing an outdoor blinds barrier is the perfect way to protect your furniture from discolouration and sun or water damage. Keeping your furniture items protected from dust and debris will also make them a lot easier to keep clean.

8.      Maintain Privacy

It’s no secret that many homeowners have to deal with ‘nosy neighbour syndrome’ daily. While you might be used to your neighbours or passers-by peering into your property, it can be unsettling to your guests. Simply lower your blinds and you’ll be able to give your guests privacy without sacrificing the summer breeze.

9.      Choose Your Design and Colour

With Ziptrak blinds there’s no one size fits all. Outdoor blinds can be customised to suit any colour and design to match the architectural style and decor of your space.

Note that lighter colours might require more dusting or washing, but they still look great!

Final Thought

Our nine reasons should definitely have you convinced that outdoor blinds are a great idea. Whether you want to keep the summer heat in or let it out, outdoor blinds are the best option. Select a motorised option to add convenience!

If your cooking is as great as your blinds, your home will soon be everyone’s favourite summer hangout!