8 Popular Reasons Why Plantation Shutters Are Still Great Window Coverings

Changing your window coverings is one of the quickest ways to upgrade your interior or exterior space. In addition to having curtains on the inside, many homeowners prefer to add extra coverage on the outside.

Whether you’re opting for a more traditional look or leaning toward a modern alternative, a popular choice is the plantation shutters Melbourne residents still find appealing. Despite their traditional roots, these shutters have stood the test of time.

What are Plantation Shutters?

The term “plantation shutters” refers to the traditional wooden shutters placed on larger windows. Essentially, they fit into their own frame that’s attached to windowsills or door frames.

While they originally date back to ancient Greece, the modern versions stem from the US. These types of shutters were typically found on homes of antebellum plantations, scattered across the American Southeast and it’s here that their most significant name comes from.

Despite originally being designed for bigger windows, modern plantation shutters can be customised to suit any shape or size window or door opening. Many new designs feature larger louvers with bigger slat sizes. This, in turn, creates a sleek look with fewer lines. With the option to manufacture them exactly to your home’s specifications, plantation shutters are still extremely popular.

Why are Plantation Shutters a Popular Option?

There are several reasons plantation shutters are still popular for both residential and business properties. If you’re still on the fence about this option, read on for the pointers that make this type of shutter a firm favourite around Australia—and a smart investment for your property.

1.      They Offer More Efficient Light Control

The number one reason most homeowners choose one window covering over another comes down to the lighting it offers. Ideally, you want an option where you have control over the amount of light you’re letting into your space.

Plantation shutters offer you full control of the light levels in your space. For maximum light, open the shutters fully. Alternatively, for less light, adjust the louvers accordingly.

2.      Plantation Shutters are Very Durable

Since the shutters are made of sturdy, solid hardwood they’re extremely durable. While they were primarily created to be on the outside of the window, you can be assured that they’ll last no matter where you place them.

3.      Shutters are Easier to Clean

Curtains and other fabric-type window coverings look appealing, but it can be time-consuming to keep them clean. They easily gather dust and need regular washing and ironing. To do this they need to be taken down and then rehung. Depending on the size and weight of your curtains, this can be quite a job.

Plantation shutters on the other hand are quite easy to clean. To keep the wooden slats clean, simply dust them weekly using a microfiber cloth. It’s also recommended that you occasionally wipe them down with a damp cloth.

4.      They Can Easily be Customised

Unlike their predecessors, modern plantation shutters can be manufactured to your specific requirements. They can be adjusted to fit windows of any shape including bay and corner styles.

Another plus point is that these shutters can be painted to complement your current décor. A few plantation shutters in a bold hue will add a striking pop of colour to any neutral outdoor architecture.

5.      Opt for Versatility

Another reason to opt for plantation shutters has to do with their versatility. These types of shutters are popular choices all around the home. Some common areas plantation shutters are used include:

  • Robe or pantry doors
  • Laundry room cupboards or doors
  • Kitchen cupboard doors

Aside from adding a touch of flair to the design, the louvre slats allow for better ventilation in the cupboards without leaving doors open and looking untidy.

6.      Natural Sound Barriers

Since plantation shutters are made of thick wooden slats, they function as a natural sound barrier, especially when closed. Many homeowners install plantation shutters in addition to curtains to minimise the traffic noise coming into bedrooms. It’s a great way to add some quiet for people who need to sleep during the day but live in a noisy neighbourhood.

7.      Add Value to Your Home

As with other permanent window coverings such as double roller blinds, plantation shutters are a great feature that will instantly add value to the resale value of your home. By opting for a style and colour that accentuates your current outdoor décor, you’ll instantly improve your home’s curb appeal.

8.      Maintains Privacy

Often, homes with windows facing the street can be subject to nosy passers-by when the windows are open. By using plantation shutters, homeowners can have more privacy while still enjoying the light that comes into the space.

Final Thought

Plantation shutters are both classic and functional. In addition to adding a contemporary flair to a traditional idea, adding plantation shutters to your space will offer you durability and versatility. Make your outdoor window coverings the talk of the neighbourhood by opting for a stylish twist on an old favourite!