12 Important Steps to Renovating a Building in Werribee

So, you’ve bought an old house in Werribee that needs doing up. Or perhaps you’ve acquired an old church, and you’d like to make it into a home, or a shop. You’d like to renovate and you’re wondering where to begin. There are several topics to consider when renovating, some of which are a bit complicated. It’s important to mentally prepare for the fun but also the challenges ahead.

Yes, you may consider hiring commercial plumbing services to have some experts on the team. Even professional interior designers are a good investment for the project. However, there are a number of administrative tasks to consider first.

Photo by Annie Gray Unsplash

Building Permissions and Permits

There are certain bylaws in every city regarding building. This relates to what can and what can’t be changed. For example, certain buildings are listed, which means you can’t just change them as you like. The look and core structure must remain the same.

Find out from the local authorities what you’re allowed to do for your building.

Important tip: it might be that the restrictions are so extreme that you can’t do much to the building at all. Rather check this before you purchase the property.

Notice of Planned Building Works

The next step is to publicise the notice of the changes you are going to make on the fence outside the building. This is so that anyone who has a legitimate right to object can do so before you begin the entire process.


Following the notice, you can set your budget. Know exactly how much you can spend, and plan accordingly. With building works, projects normally go over budget by a substantial amount. Rather add a buffer amount to safeguard your finances.

Assessment of Structure

One of the most important next steps is to get someone to assess your building:

  • Determine which sections are safe.
  • What structures are irreparably damaged?
  • Which pipes need replacing?

Usually, the electrical wiring will need to be replaced, and mostly likely the plumbing as well. So, look up electricians and experts on plumbing Werribee locals recommend to ensure you partner with the best.


Now you can determine all the costs that you will incur. From garden to roof, include all the changes and the equipment you’ll need, as well as the cleaning materials afterwards.

Tips: it’s best to get a builder to quote on costs for you as well. Remember, they can get items at a special discount.

Building Safety

The next step is to ensure that your workers will be safe on site. Make sure you have fire-control, chemical-spill instructions, and items such as railings in place before you begin. Also, you have to store chemicals safely, away from the main structure of the building.

Plumbing and Electrics

After all of that, you’re ready to replace all the pipe and wiring systems in the house. Install modern ones, including the components for air-conditioning and heating. Your gas specialists will come and install what you require in every room, and connect it up to the mains for you.

Clearance and Cleaning

Now it’s good to do a bit of a clearance and cleaning before starting on other tasks. That way, you can assess what needs to be done further, and give yourself a bit of working room. You don’t need to clean very well. All you need is a generalised clearance of any loose items that may cause work-hazards.

Tip: remember the gardens as well. It will help the landscapers to plan.

Reconstructing Walls

At last, you can patch up existing walls. However, if you have to knock them down, do this before the piping and wiring stage. You can plaster, and paint now too, as long as your ceiling-work will not cause damage to the paint.

Rooves and Ceilings

You can now commence fixing the roof, or laying a new one, and doing the ceilings. They should be relatively straightforward.


Now is the time to put in taps, sinks, baths, light-fittings and any decorative item you’d like. This is the most rewarding stage, and gives you a really good idea of how far you’ve come to creating your dream property.


This should be done last, when all the building is done, and the rubble removed. Make sure that any chemical spill is dug up and removed from the area completely before you start.

Now you can design your garden, its pathways, ponds and more.


Your building is now complete. Such a journey is challenging with many obstacles to overcome. But the satisfaction at the end will make it all worth it.

If you have tips for other property owners, please share with us!