Yubo: The Social Discovery App Built for Authentic Connection Among Gen Z

Social media and online interaction are an integral part of daily life for Generation Z. As digital natives who have never known a world without the internet, Gen Z relies on social platforms not just for entertainment but for shaping their identities and making social connections.

Yubo, a live s. The Gen Discovery app, created in France in 2015, has become a favorite among Gen Z users worldwide. With over 40 million downloads globally, Yubo allows users to make new friends, join group chats and livestreams, and connect with people who share their interests.

A recent survey by Deloitte found that scrolling social media is one of Gen Z’s preferred ways to relax and enjoy free time. Social platforms are also where they feel most like themselves, which is why apps like Yubo that facilitate authentic connection resonate with them.

As author Claire Madden explains in her book Hello Gen Zsoittle separation between online and offline connections Gen Z. Communicating through social media comes easily, and the frequency of online interactions helps them forge meaningful relationships.

Yubo stands out from other social apps by focusing on people over content and prioritizing genuine connection over likes and followers. It provides an environment where users can express themselves without pressure to perform for metrics or social validation.

The app founders set out to create an online space that captured the essence of real-life social interactions. Critical features like livestreaming, group chatting, and instant messaging make it easy for users worldwide to discover and connect in real-time.

Safety and community are also core values for Yubo. The app utilizes prevention measures, detection, and active moderation to ensure time has a positive experience. Eliminating public like counts and follower metrics reduces the pressure to compete for approval and status.

As Yubo’s former head of data science Marie Tran stated, the app aims to foster an environment of equality, respect and work-life balance. The app provides a platform designed for authenticity for Gen Z users seeking meaningful social,l bonds by, and surface-level connection.

Yubo is available on iOS and Android. With its focus on genuine connection and real-time interaction, the social discovery app delivers the type of social experience Gen Z craves as they navigate identity, relationships and an increasingly digitally-connected world.