Why Go All Out and Invest in Top-Notch Horse Solariums

Light therapy has been in use for many years, and its benefits are immense. It’s all about exposure to sunlight or artificial light at controlled wavelengths for different purposes. With advancements in technology and the arrival of better equipment, light therapy has been effective in animals.

Probably, you’ve heard or read about horse solarium. If not, worry no more. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of the equipment and why you should invest in this technology.

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Comprehensive Guide to Horse Solarium- What to Know 

The technology behind solarium has gone through extensive research, and there are many systems for sale these days. Once you pick a design you like, you’ll be surprised by the efficiency of these systems. A solarium is a unit that emits infrared light through several bulbs attached to the system.

Infrared light therapy involves a non-invasive light targeted on the horse’s body to stimulate the cells to recover and heal effectively. The equipment is designed to let the infrared lamps generate and deliver light and heat to the horse’s body. You shouldn’t worry about any side effects from the infrared lights because solarium doesn’t emit harmful UV rays.

The light spectrums from infrared light are short, medium, or long wavelengths. High-input infrared light produced by the solarium penetrates the horse’s skin into the underlying muscles to stimulate its cells and blood flow. Solariums are effective for horses that spend most of their time in barns and during winter.

The units are designed to provide enough light to keep them healthy and warm. They ensure the horses are not getting distressed in their muscles. Installing solariums is an efficient and the best solution to keeping competitive horses active and guaranteeing better results on the race tracks.

You may consider solarium a luxury, but it’s a system horse owners find worth their money. Here are exclusive benefits of solarium to consider:

  • Promotes Relaxation and Reduces Stress

After a long day of different activities, your horse may feel exhausted and distressed due to bad weather. But solarium therapy will save the day and help the horse relax better. The warmth the equipment provides will soothe its body and relieve any discomfort and stress.

  • Enhances Metabolism Rate

Infrared therapy is incredible for optimizing your horse’s metabolism rate. When the horse’s body and muscles relax, this accelerates the metabolism for a recovery process.

  • Encourages Faster Tissue Regeneration

Competitive horses need therapy to recover from injuries and discomfort. Solarium spurs faster tissue regeneration, healing injuries faster. The recovery, whether from fractures or tissue injuries, will depend on the rate at which new cells regenerate.

  • Improves Muscle Elasticity

Thanks to regular light therapy, your horse will become more agile and improve its performance. This is because solariums are perfect for cell regeneration, and this helps boost the elasticity of muscles.

  • Improve Your Horse Coat

If you’ve been wondering how to cost-effectively improve the coat of your horse and make it look healthier, worry no more. Light therapy is a practical and affordable solution. The solarium will help with the shedding or molting procedure and give your horse that glossier, smoother, and healthier coat.

  • Reduces Muscle Distress

Lack of exercise and reduced exposure to light can cause distress or pain to your horse’s muscles. However, infrared light therapy through solarium loosens and relaxes the muscles. It eliminates the pain and enhances performance.

  • Boosts Immune System

Horses get sick, especially due to insufficient nutrients, vitamins, and proper care. However, solarium therapy provides a means to stimulate the production of blood cells and improves metabolism to help fight diseases more efficiently.

Summing Up 

If you’re a passionate horse owner or an equestrian, you want this wonderful animal happy and in good health all the time. One practical and cost-effective solution to cater to your horses is to invest in solariums. This is a remarkable equipment that makes it effective to administer heat and light therapy to your horses. These infrared rays benefit the animal in many incredible ways that should spur you to pick the best solarium in the market today.