When The Human Race Appeared On Earth

It is certainly one of the most intriguing questions in existence. Everyone seems to wonder when the human race appeared on earth. We sometimes think that our grandparents are human, their grandparents are human too, but how long does this chain go backwards? If we believe the verses written in the Holy Bible, it is clear that we were created at the point of creation pointed out in Bible. We evolved slowly and at a gradual pace because as it is said that the human race did not exist, say 1 million years ago. Then comes a discussion where people argue about Adam and Eve being the first humans to have surfaced the earth and they are responsible for our creation. However, some experts still don’t believe the theory.

In this article, I have tried to deduce that there was nothing like the first human even assuming the evolution in its cream. The conclusion has been made considering logics and common sense. In this page, I will try to support my reasons with common sense as to why there was no first human on earth. However, we require analogy to make it understand better.

When The Human Race Appeared On Earth

Let us take the evolution of language in the same perspective instead of talking about evolution of humans. Take a language for instance Greek, from the ancient times to the modern outlook of it. We will discuss how this language got evolved from ancient to being modern without having any first Modern Greek speaker in existence. It implies to every language that has evolved from the ruins of its predecessor ancient version. The fact we are pointing towards is that if there was no first speaker of Modern Greek, how could the language evolve? Hence, there must be no first humans either.

When The Human Race Appeared On Earth

Now let us discuss what exactly happened to the speakers of Greek language. When we look at the figure stated above, we notice that time goes from left to right. The green color symbolizes the time when Greek speakers were talking to each other in Ancient Greek and the blue color symbolizes the speakers of Modern Greek language. Right under the colored band, I tried to draw a couple of short vertical lines which are meant to represent single individuals. The single line refers to a single person and the line running to its left represents that person’s parents. The line that goes to the right symbolizes his children. There shall be more lines actually but the horizontal space is limited to make such a drawing a reality.

The color of every person points to the typical type of Greek language that the people were speaking at the time. The difference in versions is depicted with difference in colors.  The “very green” version implies to the “typical ancient Greek” and the “extreme blue” refers to “typical modern Greek”. There is a region between both the two and it implies to the language changes. The changes that are depicted here are very smooth. After the death of Alexander in 300 BC and sometime after Christ, the change was almost complete.

Every parent is studded with a color that is quite similar to that of their children. The language spoken by parents is quite similar to that of their children. However, there is some difference which is neither noticed by the parents nor the children. The pronunciation of children sometimes differs to that of their parents. There are somehow so many similarities that actually bound them together.

Now let us check what happens when we consider an ancestor-descendant pair that does not possess a parent child bond. The difference in color would actually determine how much they understand one another. It does not matter how distant they were in terms of time. Even if they were separated by centuries, it actually does not matter at all. These people will be able to understand each other when they are placed together somewhere. However the person from 300 BC and the one from 200 AD would not be able to understand each other a single bit.

We can actually not point out the certain day when the first modern speaker stepped out. It’s nearly impossible. The change and the transition are very smooth and it does not happen overnight and hence is untraceable. Even though the parent can easily talk to their child, the people in those ages could not communicate with the Modern Greek speakers. If they were placed together, they would find it difficult to understand each other.

When The Human Race Appeared On Earth

If we consider two individuals that belong to our “race”, Homo sapiens, it is the red region, no matter if they are separated with time. These two individuals would be able to mate and produce children. It is supposed that the two people taken in consideration are man and a woman. The reason behind such results is that their DNA’s are identical. The same results would be obtained if we considered two individuals of our ancestor’s times. When it comes to Homo sapiens, the DNA of them is quite similar and therefore they can produce children. In case, we take a purple and a red individual, the DNA’s would not be similar and the child birth isn’t possible. The chances of growing a healthy child would be one in a million. It would be no less than a miracle if a healthy child is produced as a result of mating among these two different individuals.

The magenta region does not show any sharp changes too and goes on for a gradual change. In the picture, we can make out that there is no “First Red” person. If we consider two people who belong to separate generations, they would be able to reproduce after mating. These two individuals would actually belong to the same kind of race.

Now the question pops up on how are we aware about all this info. How come the scientists are very sure about their conclusions? Have we ever done a study on the DNA of H. Erectus and compared to the DNA of the modern human species?

No DNA has ever been received from the fossil bones of ancestors including that of H. erectus. The oldest DNA that is present with the scientists is that of a person tens of thousands years old.  But the scientists are capable enough to tell the difference between the belongingness of a skeleton to certain race or another. If we ever obtain the DNA of H. Erectus, the scientists will be able to easily claim it as the real DNA of H. Erectus. However, it is very improbable that the DNA has been stored somewhere. Scientists have tried to look for it but in vain.

In case we are able to find a DNA molecule, we can compare it with the modern DNA molecule. When we do it, to our surprise, we find out that the DNA of the two species is so similar that they can be declared belonging to the same species. These individuals are able to have children after mating up. Will this statement demolish out theory that no first human ever existed on earth?

No, there is no chance that our theory can be questioned. This discovery would just take the species distinction era more in the past. There would be so many other species in the past that would possess different DNA’s in order to disallow mating. However, the change of the species would be gradual and not swift. The change is very slow because there is not much of a difference between the DNA of one generation to the other and hence, there is no swift change. And this is the reason why our theory settles to the point where no “First Human Existed”.

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