Ways to Develop Author Authority Using Impactful Author Box in WP

You may have come across highly creative, elegant, and brilliantly design author box on several WP websites. An author box benefits both the website owner as well as the authors. By installing an author box and paying credit to authors, their website looks more credible and it attracts more high-quality readership.

This post focusses primarily on the features of an author box, and how to add it in WordPress site with and without a plugin.

What is an author box?

An author box is a responsive box that is placed at the end of the posts. It is a specific block on the webpage, of the website that displays the name of the author, his/her gravatar and description, and external or internal links corresponding to author bio, social media links, etc.

Simple Author Bio plugin is helpful if you are running a multi-user blog or a multi-author website, wherein several users will be contributing to the contents. Website owners can add several authors along with their social media profiles in the author box to be displayed on the page.

Important things to consider when adding Author Box in WordPress

To add a simple and catchy Author Box on Single Posts, you will need to add various things that include:

  • Author First and Last Name
  • Author Avatar
  • Author Bio in 30 to 40 words.
  • Social Profile Links
  • Email
  • A number of posts written by an Author. This is an important description that shows your experience as well as engagement with the website. This forms a positive impression on your website readers.
  • A Feedback Button for readers to either like, dislike or send tweets

If you want to add an author box without any plugin, then you need to locate the related WordPress theme files and modify them by adding some code in them. There are several reliable, simple, and effective plugins available in the market that allows you to add an author box in the website effortlessly.

Adding Author Box in WordPress website using a plugin

Simple Author Box plugin is an easy way to include WordPress author biography in your blog posts or webpages. To use this plugin, all you need is to download the zip file of the plugin and use WinZip software to unzip it. Now click on the installation file. It will start the installation process.

With the help of this plugin, the author box will get inserted at the end of the article automatically. Website owners can even manually add author box in their webpage with the help of the short-code provided by this plugin.


An author box is one of the essential requirements of a website. It can be installed using a plugin or without a plugin. Installation of an author box using the plugin is a very affordable and highly efficient.

You will not require technical knowledge and spend too much time if you are using a plugin. With the series of quick steps, you can easily install and start using this plugin on your website in minutes.