Top 5 Reasons Americans Buy Prescription Meds from Canada


Americans have no problem buying prescription medications from Canada. If that were not the case, there wouldn’t be so many online pharmacies offering U.S. residents discounted prices on prescriptions from north of the border. Online properties like Canada Pharmacy abound.

In fairness, not all online Canadian pharmacies can be trusted. But those capable of demonstrating they meet all the rules and regulations stipulated by Canadian law are worth looking into. They can make a real difference in how U.S. consumers purchase and pay for their prescription meds.

According to Canada Pharmacy, here are the top five reasons U.S. consumers are willing to purchase meds from Canada:

1. Affordability

The number one reason is, without question, affordability. We all know that prescription drug prices have skyrocketed in the States over the last decade. Some prices have climbed so high that it is almost obscene. For many Americans, Canada is the place to go for more affordable pricing.

Affordability is especially important to people with perpetual prescriptions. They take the same medications day after day, week after week, and month after month. If they can get their meds cheaper from Canada, why spend more buying from a U.S. pharmacy?

2. Price Guarantees

Hand-in-hand with affordability are price guarantees. Not all Canadian pharmacies offer them, but many do. A price guarantee ensures that a Canadian pharmacy will never be undercut by a competitor. It represents a surefire way to always get the best possible price.

3. Convenient Shopping

One of the extra benefits of purchasing prescription meds from Canada is the ability to shop from home. Here’s the bottom line: online shopping is often more convenient than making a trip to the pharmacy. You can shop whenever it is most convenient for you. And once your order is placed, you’re done. There is no need to drive to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription, then go back a second time to pick it up.

Of course, this convenience comes at a cost. Prescription medications ordered online generally take at least a few days to arrive. If you need your medication within 24 hours, you are better off going to a local pharmacy. That is the way it goes. No online model is perfect.

4. Access to Generics

In some cases, Canadian pharmacies have access to generics that are not available here in the States. Why would that matter? Because generics are cheaper than brand-name medications. That goes right back to the affordability issue. Why spend more on a brand-name medication if a less costly generic is approved by your doctor?

5. Access to Pet Medications

Some Canadian pharmacies carry pet medications alongside their prescription products for humans. From a convenience standpoint, pet medications up the ante. A consumer can order both their own and Rover’s medications from the same online pharmacy and have them delivered together.

How to Order Meds from Canada

To close this post, it might be useful to go over how one actually purchases prescription meds from Canada. Right off the bat, any reputable Canadian pharmacy will require a legitimate prescription from your doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Generally, you fax or send a scanned copy in order to place your order. Then you send the original before your order can ship.

As for the actual ordering process itself, it is no different than buying any other product online. You use a search function to find the medications you’re after. You choose the specifics using a drop-down menu and then send the meds to your shopping cart. Check out and you’re good to go.

Americans seem to appreciate the opportunity to buy prescription meds from Canada. Until drug prices in this country come down, buying from Canada will continue. Consumers will go where they can get the best deals. That is just reality.