Thinking About Starting a Mobile Phlebotomy Company? Here Are Some Things to Think About

Starting a new business can feel like a daunting task. There are so many details to consider and decisions to make. What type of entity should your business be—a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and LLC, an S-Corp? What will you name your new business? How will you find and retain clients?

With certain types of businesses, there are even more things to take care of before you can officially open. You might have to acquire a certain type of license or insurance, or meet other requirements set up by the government or regulatory agencies. If you’re offering any sort of medical service, for example, you’ll most likely want to figure out how receive payments from insurance companies and Medicare.

If you know someone who owns a similar type of business to the one you are hoping to start, it can be extremely helpful to get their advice. Many business owners are willing to offer guidance to prospective business owners based on their own experiences. They can point you to resources they have found helpful or connect you with others who may be able to help you along in your business journey. They can tell you about pitfalls to avoid and where you should focus your time, energy, and start-up funds.

But what if you are on your own trying to figure everything out because you don’t know any small business owners, or at least any who have the time to help you out? In these cases, there are often online resources you can turn to for guidance.

There is plenty of generic advice online for starting a small business, but when you’re looking for help starting a specific type of business, your resources might be a bit more limited. For example, if you’ve been considering starting a mobile phlebotomy company, you might have trouble finding detailed information to help you in your start-up journey. However, there is one online resource worth considering. Businessing Magazine recently released an ebook that they’re calling the Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Mobile Phlebotomy Company. This ebook was authored by two small business experts, as well as a veteran of the mobile phlebotomy industry who have shared their experience and knowledge in an easy-to-follow guide.

The ebook walks readers through a variety of topics related to starting a business in the growing mobile phlebotomy field, touching on topics such as marketing, licenses and certifications, money management, and equipment. It offers tips for success and helpful advice from a team that has successfully navigated the small business challenges new owners of mobile phlebotomy companies will likely face. It offers plenty of encouragement, but also real talk about what it takes to create a profitable business.

Starting a mobile phlebotomy business can be a lucrative venture, but it’s important to start off on the right foot. Doing so can prevent you from experiencing many years of frustrating trial and error as you try to figure out the best path for their businesses.