The Ultimate Guide to Getting Italian Dual Citizenship

Italy is one of the most powerful countries in the world. It offers high-quality amenities and infrastructure, including healthcare, security, and education. However, you must be an Italian citizen to enjoy the benefits. And though getting Italian dual citizenship can be complex, the right guide will make the process easy and effective.

Here’s the ultimate guide to getting Italian dual citizenship

  • Determine whether your qualify

Determining if you qualify is the first step of getting Italian dual citizenship. You can qualify through ancestry, marriage, or neutralization.

You’ll need to meet unique requirements to qualify for Italian citizenship by descent. For instance, if your maternal grandfather was born in Italy, you will need to prepare for Italian dual citizenship if the following are true:

  • You were born after January 1, 1948
  • Your maternal grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time your mom was born
  • You and your mum didn’t renounce your right to Italian citizenship
  • Make appointments

If you qualify, make an Italian citizenship appointment at your regional Italian consulate office. You can wait one to six years for an appointment, so it’s advisable to do it as soon as possible. Gather the documents you’ll need to take to the consulate as you wait.

  • Gather all necessary documents

After scheduling an appointment, gather all the documents proving your eligibility. You can seek help from a professional in identifying and gathering the papers. Some of the essential documents include:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your current marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Your divorce certificate and divorce decree
  • Your mother’s birth/marriage/divorce/death certificate
  • Your father’s birth/marriage/divorce/death certificate
  • Your grandparent’s birth/marriage/divorce/death certificate/neutralization papers
  • Take the documents to the consulate office

Organize your documents and have them during your consulate appointment. You can download the application forms online that contain all the regulations in your area. For instance, a consulate can allow your family to apply together, but generally, each member will need an appointment. If your application is complete consisting of all documents translated into Italian and certified, you’ll get approval.

  • Wait for the approval letter and Italian citizenship certificate

You’ll wait two to four years for an approval letter and citizenship certificate. The letter will show that you’re now a dual citizen and have been registered in the registry of Italian living abroad. Also, the letter might request you to acquire an Italian passport and encourage you to learn the Italian language and culture.

The cost of Italian dual citizenship

The of getting dual Italian citizenship depends on various factors like;

  • The number of documents required
  • The location of the applicant
  • The number of applicants applying
  • The extent of translation required

Also, the cost of doing it yourself Vs. using professional dual citizenship services varies.

Benefits of applying for Italian citizenship

Some of the benefits of Italian dual citizenship include:

  • Right to purchase property in Italy and reside there indefinitely
  • Access to high-quality medical care and public education
  • Right to vote in Italian elections and travel under an Italian passport
  • Ability to work, study or live in Italy without the need for a work or travel visa


Getting an Italian dual citizenship is beneficial. It allows you to travel freely throughout the EU for work, pleasure, or studies. Also, you’ll have access to better health care, inexpensive education, and the ability to invest in real estate. So utilize the above guide to get approved for Italian dual citizenship successfully.