The funniest thing that happened in the cam studio: “This is what he wanted!”

A non-adult cam studio, where models don’t have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity with their members, is a far better place for amazing things to happen than a regular one. There, men come only for one thing, while young women only do one thing: they undress, sooner or later, and they perform several “indecent” acts. However, in a modeling agency that doesn’t require them to take their clothes off, much more interesting things could develop. We have one such example below.

Patricia, a young woman working in a non-adult cam studio, asked this question on a private forum dedicated to the industry. “Hi, girls! What’s the funniest situation you were in while online? Let the battle begin!”, she asked. Soon, answers came pouring in. Sabrina’s short story caught our eye because of its uniqueness, therefore we decided to publish it below. She works for Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world, with studios in 5 countries on 3 continents (United States of America, Colombia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary).

“Sincerely, I don’t know what to choose, so many funny things happened to me during my activity inside the cam studio. However, I think the funniest one was when a member took me to a private session and told me he had a… special request. He told me he wants to watch something with me, so my first thought was: OK, he doesn’t know I’m non-adult, and he wants to watch porn with me. I started to think about how can I make him change his mind, and I had no idea. So I just hoped that he says something else. And indeed he said something else – it’s just that I couldn’t believe what!”, Sabrina started her story.

Long story short, the member wanted to watch cartoons together with his preferred non-adult model. “I don’t know, this is what he wanted: to watch cartoons with me. Therefore, I complied. Besides, I haven’t watched cartoons since I was a child, so I missed this activity, although I didn’t expect to encounter it in a cam studio. Furthermore, our tastes were similar, so we watched Tom & Jerry, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, and The Flintstones. It was fun and it’s a nice memory that I will keep in mind”, Sabrina said.

Therefore, as you can see, in a non-adult cam studio, really funny, interesting, and innocent things can happen. Most of the time, members who frequent non-adult online modeling agencies don’t want to see naked women and don’t need sex, they need something more profound. They either feel lonely, sad, or depressed, and need somebody to talk to and feel close to. From this point of view, your activity might look like that of a psychologist, therapist, or, more simply put, that of a best friend or confidant. In conclusion, while working in such an environment, you can evolve both personally and professionally.