The Cat Trying To Hold Dubstep In His Hand

The title may sound absurd and in many ways, it is actually absurd. How can you possibly hold on to a music genre but a cat that has been recently pictured looks like it wants a piece of dubstep. The picture looks like the cat is dancing to its favorite electronic song but it is actually struggling to get hold off the beats that are springing out of the speakers.

These gestures of the cat were uploaded on YouTube recently and it made a huge buzz everywhere. It has surely gone viral and people are sharing the video on their social network. In the video, the grey cat is trying to catch the beats as it has been confused by the vibrations coming out of the rhythm of the dubstep music.


As the beats bang in the speaker, the cat is trying harder and harder to catch them. This video has entertained an ample of people so far and they are amused by the reaction of the cat to the dubstep sound. If you look at the picture, the cat looks like performing popping and locking to its favorite electronic song.

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