The Big Misunderstanding Behind Casino Bonuses

True or false? Seven myths about online casino bonuses and games

Online casinos are virtual versions of traditional local casinos, but with attributes increasingly appropriate for the new normal; variety of games, the possibility of betting from home, at any time, and from any electronic device.

Despite an overwhelming offer of appealing bonuses like the casino true blue bonus, many superstitions revolve around how reliable and safe they are.

Every day we read news about new cyber-scams that make us reconsider how safe our data and money are on the internet. However, the online casino industry has been one of the most committed to cybersecurity and the transparency of its games. Not surprising considering the large amounts of money that these platforms move daily.

Online casinos have managed to get the attention of the gambling community and the world. Every day more and more people are encouraged to register, gamble, and find healthy entertainment in their games. Despite their popularity, there are many doubts as to whether online casinos are as reliable, transparent and safe as local casinos.

People are often suspicious of casino bonuses based on the fear of losing their money and being scammed. These “myths” are passed on and create behaviours that result in a poor gaming experience.

The main objective of online casinos is to provide entertainment, but we cannot ignore that their next immediate priority is the possibility of generating profits.

When betting on an online casino game, we trust our luck and the transparency of the game. If we win we enjoy it, if we lose we think that maybe the game is fixed.

Here we address the seven most common myths surrounding online casino games, which you always have to approach responsibly:

  • Winnings from welcome bonuses cannot be withdrawn

This is false. This myth has gained strength due to the ignorance of the wagering requirements that each online casino has. When receiving any bonus from the casino, wagering requirements must be met to release the money and winnings from the bonus.

In other words, you must wager the amount of the bonus received for the wagering requirement.

Before accepting a welcome bonus, check what wagering requirements you must meet to release the bonus.

  • If my deposit is low – the casino will not give me a bonus or significant winnings?

This is false. Many people consider that to win at the casino they must make large deposits. Do not worry! The amount of your deposit might affect any initial bonus, but it does not affect in any way the possibility of hitting mega jackpots or exclusive prizes.

Your chances of winning are due exclusively to the conditions of each game and the value of your bet.

  • Are the slots rigged?

No, they are not. The slot machines that are part of online casinos belong to different software providers. These providers are in charge of creating slots that guarantee an adequate payback (between 95% and 99%).

You can check if the slot you want to play has a good payback on the menu of each game.

  • The auto spin button generates more profit than the manual spin button?

This is untrue. The automatic spin button of the slots is there to speed up your recurring bets. It does not influence the symbols or the reels.

However, remember to be aware of your profits and losses so as not to be surprised.

  • I am less likely to win if I already won on the previous spin

This is false. This is one of the most common myths of online casinos and local casinos. It is thought that if a slot machine hits a jackpot, it won’t hit again for a while.

It is also believed that the more money you lose, the more likely you are to win. Both beliefs are false. The spins of the slots are random and, you have as much chance of winning after 1 spin as after 100 spins.

  • Decreasing or increasing the value of my bet affects my chances of winning

This false. Another of the myths unfounded by players. It is believed that if you modify the value of your offer after a losing streak (increasing or reducing the bet) you will have a better chance of winning. Nothing is further from reality.

If I win from a bonus – the casino will not let me keep the winnings

In most casinos – false. This is perhaps the biggest fear of online casino gamblers. It is believed that if you have a winning streak from a bonus and immediately withdraw your winnings, the casino will withhold your winnings. Again this is due to misinformation. If you have met all the conditions of using the bonus, any winnings will be unaffected, and available to withdraw.

Now that you know the truth about the most common myths about online casinos bonuses and games, you can play and gamble with complete confidence.

Always remember to register in online casinos that comply with the security and operation parameters granted and stipulated by the relevant Gambling Commission where you live. This guarantees you a fair and safe gaming experience.