Should You Invest in San Diego Replacement Windows with Sound Suppression Technology?

Getting new windows installed in your San Diego home can make a world of difference in how much you spend every month to heat and cool your house in order to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Older windows typically only have one pane of glass and aluminum frames, which do little to keep out the heat and cold. In addition, older windows may have small gaps, which let in drafts (as well as dust and moisture). New, high-quality replacement windows have several different types of technology built into them that work together to keep out the elements, leaving your home more insulated from the heat and cold.

Another issue that new windows can help with is the issue of outside noise. Older windows do very little to keep out noise from outside your home. You hear every car that drives by, every plane that’s flying overhead, in addition to neighborhood noises, such as barking dogs, lawnmower and leaf blowers, or even your neighbors’ voices. You may have dealt with this problem for so long that you don’t even notice it any more. But then, someone comes to visit and comments about how clearly they can hear the outside noise from the inside of your house.

Most dual pane replacement windows have some level of sound suppression built in, but there are also replacement window brands that allow you to upgrade the sound suppression technology in their products. One of these brands is Anlin Windows. Anlin offers an upgraded “noise reduction system,” which they call their “Anlin Sound Package.” This upgrade reduces outside noise up to 50%, when compared to typical dual pane windows, according to the manufacturer’s website. The main component of the Anlin Sound Package is the use of two glass panes with dissimilar thickness. This helps to break down the sound waves entering the home and substantially reduce outside noise.

For best results, San Diego homeowners should consider upgrading all of the replacement windows they have installed with the Anlin Sound Package, but if budget is a concern, they can opt to only upgrade the windows that face the street or other noisy areas. This is a good compromise for some homeowners who want to reduce the noise that comes in from the outside, but don’t have the budget for a full upgrade.

BM Windows, which is an authorized dealer of Anlin Windows in San Diego, is currently offering the Anlin Sound Package as a free add-on for anyone that purchases Anlin windows through their company. San Diego homeowners looking for windows with great sound suppression should definitely look into this offer. Not only will they get great new windows for their homes, they will also get to work with a highly rated San Diego replacement window company that provides amazing customer service and expert installation.

BM Windows owner, Michal Bohm, had this to say about Anlin Windows with upgraded sound suppression: “Our customers are often shocked at how much of a difference new windows can make in their home when  it comes to decreasing outside noise. They never realized how loud it was, until all that outside noise was suddenly gone. It makes people wish they had purchased replacement windows so much sooner!”