Should you hire an uncontested divorce lawyer in Montgomery?

An uncontested divorce in Montgomery essentially means that spouses have agreed to end the marriage and have figured out ways to resolve critical issues. According to Alabama laws, you will still need to wait for 30 days before getting a judgment, although in most cases, the period could be longer. When you are in agreement with your spouse, you may wonder why wonder whether it is necessary to seek legal help. In this post, we are sharing why looking for an uncontested divorce lawyer near me is a good idea.

Getting the paperwork right

You may find many articles on how to create divorce documents, but you should understand how circuit courts work. Even if your paperwork is perfect in terms of format, the judge may reject the request because of the language in which everything is written. Whether or not all issues have been addressed, how the couple will protect the interests of their minor children and other details will be reviewed in depth. If you don’t want to delay the process, get an attorney to ensure everything is done according to the norms.

You can get advice & information

Just knowing the laws related to an uncontested divorce is never enough. You still need a lawyer if you don’t understand your rights or have no clue about dealing with the separation agreement. With years of experience in the field, family lawyers can educate you and offer advice on how to avoid mistakes. They will also guide you on your rights, whether you are right to agree to specific terms, and if there should be additional negotiations.

You don’t have to do anything else

Once the divorce lawyer is working on the case, you have little to do. They will relieve the stress of following legal procedures and ensure all due forms are completed on time. There is less room for delays, and depending on the circumstances, you might get your uncontested divorce in just a matter of weeks. Also, having an attorney can give you the confidence to move ahead and start your life, and if you haven’t figured out your finances, they can connect you with other professionals.

While your divorce lawyer is not a counselor, their presence can help you deal with the situation better. Also, never assume that your spouse is being fair to you, even in an uncontested divorce, unless you speak to an expert.