Pocket Watch Worth 400,000 USD Can Run For 1000 Years

The world is evolving in terms of technological advancements and an example of this evolution is seen in the digital watch industry. The Uwerk Zeit Device UR-1001 costs 400,000 USD in the market and is considered to be one of the most elegant and expensive watches in the world.

The watch has been manufactured by Uwerk, that also makes mechanical watches that look like Brawny. UR-1001 was revealed last year but there is a huge buzz regarding the watch today in the market.

The body of the watch is equipped with as many as 51 jewels. It also cases a beautiful mechanics that call for excellence. The setoff gears and cubes are used in order to show months and dates of the whole year. There is a day/night indicator included in the watch too. The adjustment of the time is not as important in the watch. You just need to adjust the time once in a year and the mechanics of the device does the rest by itself.

Pocket Watch Worth 400,000 USD Can Run for 1000 Years

The dimensions of UR-1001 are calculated at 4.17 inches * 2.44 inches*0.9 inches The most important and intriguing feature of the watch is its lifespan. The dial that is situated at the back of the watch lasts for 100 years. Try to imagine a similar dial for the popular phones like Samsung Galaxy and iPhones.


The only shortcoming of the watch is that its not a self winder. It means that can run 39 hours on the trot on single wind, however, the power reserve indicator in the watch depicts “red warning” zone the moment watch needs some winding.

Although the watch is on the expensive side but wouldn’t you afford a watch that you can easily pass on to your next generations?

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