The year 2014 is still fresh & we are just in the half of the first month. It’s a ripe time to look back at all the bizarre, shocking & weird stuff that 2013 was chock full of. From Snowden’s unsurprising revelations (seriously, who didn’t expect that?) to USA’s shut down to Samsung’s flexible display prototype (now screens can be wrapped around the entire mobile!), to water proof Sony smartphones, to twerking (sorry about this one), 2013 was full of highlights; some great, some truly terrifying.

Let us narrow down to take a peek at the ten mind blowing technical achievements of the year 2013. After all, technology is what youngsters these days crave for & what really decides where our future is headed. Read on & decide for yourselves where we are headed; it seems towards a sci-fi movie apparently.

Game Consoles:

Game Consoles

It was the most celebrated year by the gaming community which saw the release of most number of gaming consoles on the market in over a decade. Not only were Microsoft’s Xbox One & Sony’s Play Station 4 were released to much hype, but a lot of new comer consoles were also released like Ouya, Gamestick & even Nvidia Shield which battled to stand toe to toe with the giant consoles.

3-D Printing & Remote Manufacturing:

3-D Printing

Remember the gun made from a 3D printer? Yup, this year the printing technology capable of making objects took wings to a new height. The possibilities of printing stuff are endless if you can make a CAD blueprint. If you can make a gun then maybe a nuclear reactor an aero-plane isn’t that far off either. Or even a diamond.

Virtual reality:

Oculus Rift

Another reason for gamers to celebrate, Oculus Rift launched a headset with immense power capable of emulating the games into a virtual reality. Needless to say it’s all the rage these days with its potential reaching far from game to scientific simulations. Though it is only available as a kit for developers, 2014 will see its consumer launch.



Amazon this year surprised everyone with its announcement to use drones (mini copters) to deliver goods to consumers faster than ever. Kicking aside the implied military applications, this sure is interesting for all of us, including kids who will now really have flying toys.

Wearable Tech:

Wearable Tech

So many gadgets like the Google Glass, the Pebble Smart watch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Nike+ Fuelband SE all hit the market this year. Rumored to be the next big thing & the next fashion icon, wearable gadgets are not only cool but quite handy too. Some fitness trackers which notes duration, distance, heartbeat, pace and calories burned like the TomTom Runner were also released for the health enthusiasts.

Leap Motion Controller:

Leap Motion Controller

This tiny USB accessory for PCs costs only $80 & provides a man-machine interface capable of understanding hand gestures. Plug the device in, steady it on a flat surface, and start waving your hands & fingers around. For example, if you are watching a movie, just wave your hand to play, pause, next, fast forward etc. you movie; as simple as that. The technology is now being coupled into laptops (HP’s Envy17 Leap Motion SE)

Google Chromecast:

Google Chromecast

It’s obvious that Google’s name would be on this list, come on, it’s technology we are talking about. Priced at around $35, this little gadget can be simply plugged into one of the TV’s HDMI ports after which you can easily transfer videos and other stuff from your laptop, tablet or phone to the TV sans any wire.

High Definition 4K displays:

High Definition 4K displays

Now displays are being classified according to the horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels, instead of vertical. Your standard HD 1080p display has 2k capacity. If you thought that your display was high definition, try 4k technology, it will double your high definition-ness!

Obviously there were more memorable technologies which let their presence known this year. MIT Technology Review lists memory implants, super grids, ultra efficient solar power & deep learning among a few of the technological feats this year. What we are hoping is for an even more technically sound year this time.

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