Important things to know about contacting an insurer after an accident


Your insurance is the safety cover that you can fall back on at the time of an accident. If you ever get involved in a road accident, there are two very important people who help you in the claim: An expert Nevada car accident attorney and your insurer. Your interaction with your own insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company will be very different. In this article, we are concentrating on some important aspects of interacting with your insurer.

Contacting the company

When you are contacting the company after an accident, you must make sure that after you provide them the information, you receive a confirming letter from their claim department. If you are contacting them through your agent you should ask them for a letter which will have the date on which the information was given to the company, as well as the confirmation letter from the claim department.

Rights of the insurance company

If you choose to file for compensation under your own policy, it automatically gives some rights to the company. Let’s have a look at these rights one by one.

Access to medical and work records

The insurance company will get the right to examine all the medical and work records of the beneficiary directly. Before the company processes your claim, they will have you sign the authorization for the release of such records, or something else along the same lines. Though you are obligated to give them the rights to this access, you must still read anything that you sign carefully.

Right to subrogation

Your company may send you a form in which you give them the right of subrogation, which means that after you get the compensation under your own policy, they have a right to recover that amount from the person that was responsible for the accident.

Inspecting your vehicle

If you choose to claim for the vehicle damage under your policy, you will have to allow the insurance company to inspect the damages done to your vehicle before you get it repaired.

Cooperating with the company

If you wish to collect the claim to which you are entitled under your policy, it is important that you cooperate with them when they are investigating the accident. You must share all the information that you have about the accident with them.

These are a few things that you must know about your insurance company.