News is set to introduce a new listing process.

Online marketplace moves closer to deploying its revised listing process for new items.

The world’s largest marketplace for firearms and accessories, the development of’s online platform is, of course, an ongoing affair. While minor usability tweaks are the most common, a more significant change is now set to improve listing items for sale. Something that should please sellers across the board, the company’s team recently offered a closer look at what’s in store.

“We’re in the process of creating a new, responsive listing page that makes greater use of item defaults,” explains a representative, “and allows for easier picture loading, all in one place.”

Existing sellers on the platform are invited to sample the new style ahead of its final deployment. Although still under development, interested parties can try it now, according to the online marketplace’s team. “Existing sellers can access the latest stable version of our under-development new listing process via the special link at the top of the current List an Item page,” they explain. and its team are renowned for their upfront approach to discussing recent releases and the under-development aspects of their marketplace’s platform. “We want to let you know where we’re heading with certain changes to the website. These are a combination of changes that are in progress or that we’re considering making. Some are currently under development. Others are in the early planning stages,” explains a post on their website.

It’s predominantly via this post that the online marketplace’s team updates users with information as they continue their planning and development process. Sellers and buyers alike are also reminded to learn more about the changes in every new release by reviewing the relevant release notes section of the platform’s support site. Further product news and updates can be viewed via the same channel.

According to the company, the marketplace’s revised listing process is soon unveiled in full. Several other updates are also currently being discussed or defined. These prospective updates include an improved credit request process and better visibility of shipping costs to make price comparisons simpler for buyers.

“We’re also looking at adding support for rich text descriptions,” adds a representative, “so that it’s easier for sellers on the platform to format their listing details.” introduces Firearm Protection Plan.

Promising buyers of firearms on its platform the chance to worry less and experience more, now allows users to safeguard their purchases with an exclusive Firearm Protection Plan. Plans provided by the online marketplace include a wealth of benefits, including coverage for both new and used guns.

All Firearm Protection Plan policies benefit from three-year protection, including mechanical, parts, and labor coverage. All repairs are subject to a deductible of just $50, too, and policyholders are invited to pick their repair shops, as long as they hold a Federal Firearms License.

Lockton Affinity administers’s Firearm Protection Plan. With over five decades of industry-leading growth, the Lockton group of companies is one of the highest-performing insurance brokerage firms in the country.