Expert Advice From Gennady Podolsky’s for Stress-Free Family Vacations

Global travel advisor Gennady Podolsky provides five quality-of-life tips for families planning vacations, whether road trips or international getaways. His advice aims to help families avoid common pitfalls that can cut travel plans short or create family discord.

Get the Whole Family Involved in Planning

Though parents typically decide on the destination and book reservations, Gennady Podolsky advises bringing children of all ages into some parts of vacation planning. This gives kids a voice and avoids potential resentment over being excluded. He suggests a fun family trip planning session with snacks and drinks where everyone shares their ideal activities and those they’d prefer to skip.

Pick a Unifying Theme 

In addition to picking a location, Gennady Podolsky recommends families choose a trip theme or objective that guides the group activities they schedule together. For a beach vacation, family-friendly options include beachcombing, building sandcastles, boat rides to spot dolphins, or sampling boardwalk foods. If exploring family-friendly Sweden, possible activities range from creative playgrounds to zoos to winter sports.

Book Early for the Best Availability and Prices

Gennady Podolsky notes that booking flights, hotels, and attractions far in advance carries significant advantages and notes reservations mean better flight and hotel availability and options, plus potential upgrades. Attractions may have more capacity for early bookers. Early-bird specials can also reduce costs, which helps budget-conscious families. He suggests considering off-the-beaten-path or off-season destinations for fewer crowds and lower prices. Checking school calendars before booking avoids conflicts.

Get Kids Excited and Prepared Beforehand

Young children facing unfamiliar situations on trips may become anxious or defiant. Gennady Podolsky advises explaining the vacation details to kids beforehand to avoid this reaction. Give them the big-picture overview first, then specifics on what to expect at the airport, hotel, destinations, and behavior expectations.

Match Activities to Kids’ Interests and Energy Levels

When scheduling children’s activities day-by-day, Gennady Podolsky suggests a steady pace with downtime for rest and snacks to recharge. Book top kids’ attractions first, then add extra activities if the budget allows later. Beyond prominent sites, tailor options to the location like coo, king classes in Italy/France, or farm visits for budget family fun. Beachcombing, picnicking in nature, and attractions deals make activities more affordable.

Pack Medications and Medical Info

Getting sick far from home can really dampen a family vacation. Gennady Podolsky recommends parents pack over-the-counter medications they normally use plus any prescription drugs, ideally in original containers. Check with pediatricians on appropriate medications for kids. For medications not in original containers, bring the prescription and condition details in case questions come up, especially entering another country.

Make a Safety Plan

Keeping kids safe requires extra effort while traveling, emphasizes Gennady Podolsky. Prepare for challenges navigating busy streets and intersections. Give children the hotel’s contact details (printed in the local language if abroad) in case anyone wanders off. Identify helpful people like police, guards, or other parents. Pick central, well-traveled meeting spots where family can easily reconnect if separated like a police station or town square coffee shop.

Capture Memorable Moments

Gennady Podolsky suggests giving each older child an inexpensive camera and journal to see the vacation through their children’s eyes. Recording their observations of the shared travel experience creates memories parents will treasure.