Exercise Can Improve Productivity and Brain Function

We know that physical exercise improves our well-being. We feel happier when we do even low-intensity aerobic exercises. Studies also point out that exercise can make us more productive at work. One particular study showed that there is a 72% improvement in employees’ time management skills and workload completion when they exercise. And since they are less likely to fall ill because they exercise regularly, these workers improve a business’ efficiency.

Why wouldn’t you want to exercise unless you have a prior medical condition? And if that’s the case, you can have a procedure for chiropractic adjustment in Salt Lake City or other cities. This procedure can improve spinal motion and improve your body’s physical ability and function. It will enable you to exercise and engage in physical activity better.

Work Performance

So how exactly can exercise improve your work performance? It is understood that when people exercise, their bodies release several different chemicals in the brain called the neurotransmitters. Their effects on the brain are still being investigated, but early studies showed that neurotransmitters reduce feelings of discomfort during exercise. It also creates a sensation known as “runner’s high.”

This “runner’s high” feeds your brain, which is essential if you want to perform effectively and efficiently at work. It allows you to focus better, as well as concentrate on difficult tasks. With your brain working in full capacity, you can also make smarter decisions.

In one experiment, a group of 50,000 people was asked to download an app to their phones. Once a day, the app would beep to remind the volunteers to report if they were feeling happy and what they were doing. The results showed that people who exercise were generally happier than those who didn’t. In fact, only sex tops exercise for making people happy. And why is happiness important? When you are happy, you are more productive in everything you do.

Why People Don’t Exercise

Still, people find it harder to exercise more than ever. They are too busy with work. They are too busy taking care of their growing families. They need to get things done. They need to cook, do the laundry, and wash the dishes. They forget about how to take care of themselves. Exercising is such a chore for them that they shrug it off, thinking they’ll have more time for it later in their lives.

Do you know that older people who exercised when they were younger have better mental capabilities today? They are sharper than their contemporaries. They have better memory and mental acuity. By spending at least three times a week on low-intensity training, you can make such a difference in your life when you’re old and gray.

Companies such as Google and Nike provide their employees with in-house gym equipment and yoga classes. They allow their employees to cater to their well-being. They know how important this is to become more productive in finishing their tasks. There are “sit less, move more” programs in offices because employers understand the health and productivity benefits of physical exercise. They allow their employees to work in groups because group exercise is known to be more beneficial, too.