Chinese Woman Killed By iPhone Charger Shock

The title must sound a bit absurd but it’s absolutely true. A Chinese woman has been killed by iPhone charger shock recently. The giant gadget company Apple has confirmed such mish-happening and is looking to investigate into the case. The Chinese woman was killed when she used her iPhone while it was charging into the main plug.

There is a strong rage against the matter in the local media. According to the sources, the name of the victim was Ma Ailun. She was a 23 year old flight attendant working with China Southern Airlines. She was caught in the shock while trying to attend some phone call. The electrocution occurred in the mobile because it was connected to the charger and it caused a big shock for the lady to kill her.

Chinese Woman Killed By iPhone Charger Shock

When the Apple spokesperson was confronted, he answered, “We are sad about the tragic incident that happened recently and offer deep gratitude to the family of the lady. We will fully cooperate with the authorities in order to investigate into this case”.

The news of lady’s death was confirmed by her mother. She also revealed the role of her mobile in the shock and since then, there is a huge buzz in the market regarding the matter. The mother of Ma confirmed that she was using original apple accessories and it had nothing to do with fake and guarantee-less products.

Similar incident happened in northeast China when a man was brutally killed while making a phone with his handset. His phone was also connected to the charger when this incident occurred. However, the man was using an unauthorized charger and his family could not claim on any company. However, the case of the lady recently killed by shock is entirely different and concerns the biggest phone maker of the market, Apple.

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