Bean Bag Chairs Make Great Seating Options

Concerned about spills or accidents? To make things easy and protect your new chair against the elements, look for bean bag chairs with removable, washable covers. Also, try treating it with Scotchgard to shield against environmental effects.

GH analysts appreciated this bean bag chair’s foam filling, finding it “loftier and more substantial” than traditional plastic beans. Additionally, taller testers found it comfortable. Bean bag chairs are wonderful for these reasons.

They’re Comfortable

Bean bag chairs offer an unparalleled seating experience by conforming to your body, creating a relaxing and ergonomic seating experience. Furthermore, their weight distribution makes sitting more even and reduces pressure points and pain points for an improved seating experience.

As years pass, bean bag fills have changed with time; most still feature polystyrene beans because they’re affordable and simple to produce; however, due to repeated use, they eventually flatten under strain and require replacing more frequently than their foam-filled counterparts, which provide similar comfort while offering greater durability.

Some bean bag chairs come equipped with removable covers that are machine-washable, making them a practical option for households with young children. Other models feature furniture-grade foam that’s secured within a durable inner liner secured with child safety zippers, making these models stylish additions to any living room or home office space.

They’re Durable

Bean bag chairs make great seating solutions for many reasons, not least their affordability and versatility. Bean bags also tend to outlive traditional furniture pieces due to their long lifespan – perfect for families with active children or those seeking an active lifestyle solution.

Opting for polystyrene beans or foam requires looking for quality craftsmanship and durable fabric that’s easy to wipe clean or machine wash for added longevity. A stain-resistant option may also prove more ideal.

Consider the fill material when choosing your chair: Polystyrene beads (EPS) provide the classic bean bag experience but tend to flatten over time, while shredded foam offers additional support and features plush cloud-like surfaces. Make sure that when your insert starts compressing, you can replenish it when necessary and also determine whether its outer cover can be easily detached and machine-washed for increased convenience.

They’re Affordable

Bean bag chairs may be associated with college dorms and teenage bedrooms, but their cost-effective nature makes them an excellent solution for families looking to add seating without breaking the bank.

Cover material can play an enormous role in determining how much a bean bag chair costs, according to Crowder. She advises seeking durable options like cotton, linen, and velvet that won’t wear down quickly for homes with pets or kids who scratch; she cautions against itchy materials like stretch jersey, tweed, and boucle that could incur more expenses.

No matter your shopping needs – whether they be for your tween or sensory-integration therapist – there are now affordable options on the market that you can take advantage of. Additionally, bean bags with removable covers make life even simpler for families with kids or pets!

They’re Fun

Bean bag chairs provide children with an enjoyable way to unwind and relax, providing seating or play space while reading or watching movies.

Finding the ideal bean bag chair for yourself and your family begins by understanding its intended use. Look for fabric that can easily be cleaned if there are pets or children around who tend to spill food and beverages on it.

Some fabrics, like twill or corduroy, are more resilient than others and offer stain-resistance than cotton, which may cause itchy rashes and tear easily. When selecting fill, consider whether you prefer a classic bean bag feeling from EPS beads or a cushy bounce from shredded foam fills.

They’re Safe

Bean bag chairs pose a potential choking hazard to children who can access the interior zipper and may also become fire hazards depending on their filling material and fabric construction.

When purchasing a bean bag chair for your child, ensure it contains safe fill materials such as polystyrene beads or natural latex foam with recycled shredded Styrofoam. Furthermore, select one with a childproof zipper and make sure the pull has been removed completely for maximum safety.

Recent events have shed light on the risks associated with children’s bean bags. Thankfully, new standards for manufacturing bean bag chairs make it more difficult for children to open zippers and crawl into them; additionally, it is best to avoid chairs that contain dried beans or PVC pellets, which may lead to respiratory complications if inhaled.