Ayam Cemani : Shocking Pictures Of Rarest Chicken Breed

Hailed as the ‘Lamborghini of Chicken’, this rare species of chicken as attracted much attention for being probably the only ‘gothic bird’ with black feathers, meat, skin, organs (including tongue, toenails and beak) and bones as well.
The science behind the black colored chicken

This rare chicken originating from Indonesia, called Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively a modern breed that is popular in the homeland for being eaten during festive season. In some Asian cultures the blackness of the meat is seen as a connection to the supernatural, although the science behind the color of the chicken comes from a genetic condition called as ‘fibromelanosis’ which is an effect of the mutation of pigment producing cells.

Ayam Cemani (7) Ayam Cemani (5) Ayam Cemani (4) Ayam Cemani (3) Ayam Cemani (1) Ayam Cemani (2) Ayam Cemani (8)

Comparatively in ordinary chicken the same cells are formed into melanin producing melanocytes and in Ayam Cemani the cells invade the tissue which then turn into fibers and causes the body ( including the skin, bones, and organs) to turn into black color.

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A rare breed, an exotic dish
Ayam Cemani’s blood is common although dark in relative comparison. As the dark color is said to have been an after effect of excess pigmentation, the black bird is somewhat a very rare dish, especially in the west.
Ayam Cemani Chicken

The Cemani rooster weighs around two to two and half kg, while the hen weighs around one and half to two kgs. As the Cenami chicks rarely hatch their own eggs and are poor setters, the breed is especially rare. An individual bird therefore costs thousands of dollars in American black markets. An, exotic bird indeed!

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