9 Valuable Tips on Refurbishing Your House this Year

Renovating and renewing our homes is something we all long to do if we have the budget. The thing is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Whether you’re considering skylight installation, or merely a new front door, you can obtain things at affordable prices. There are solutions to suit each budget.

The list below is not exhaustive. However, it may spark your creativity to start planning your renovations. Use it and adapt it for your own taste.

Windows and Doors

Changing the windows in your home will not only prevent drafts and warm air leaking out, but it will also upgrade the property’s look dramatically. Think of French windows, double-glazed. They seal well, and are very sturdy. What’s more, if you get aluminium-frames, they don’t need much upkeep at all. Wooden ones will require upkeep and will need regular oiling or treatment with anti-weathering products.

Doors can be replaced with modern ones. There are some with fancy woodwork patterns, and sturdy steel doors. It gives you entire house an instant facelift, and can even improve security!

Patios or Verandas

Add a covered patio. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside, and enjoying drinks with friends, whilst being protected from the weather. It adds monetary value to your home as well, so you’ll recoup the expenses one day when you sell.

Roof Ventilation Systems

You can add some roof ventilation systems to any home and you’ll love the outcome. Everyone loves keeping cool in summer, and these systems are not only affordable, but also energy efficient. They operate by drawing heat out of the house, and expelling it through the roof. In modern units, the fan is driven by a small solar panel, so there’s no grid power usage involved.

Your renovations can help you save money in the long run!

Landscaping Your Garden

Your outside space can be moulded and shaped into a space where there are cosy nooks for relaxing or playing areas for the kids. You can also make sure it doesn’t take much effort to maintain, and keep it water-wise by picking the right plants and grass types.

Whatever your design, add some flowers to adorn the exterior space. Colour is therapeutic and valuable for creating a lively natural feel. For a well-rounded look, choose a variety—red for sparkle, pink for femininity, blue for depth, and yellow for playfulness.

New Driveways and Pathways

If you have driveways, now is the time to renew them. You may do an entire relaying of your driveway, or you can opt for an overlay. Bricks look the best, and last better than concrete, but you may choose a more natural one, of stones or bark. It needs to suit the style of your house, but select the type that also aligns with the level of upkeep you wish to engage in.

You can add some lovely winding pathways to your property, which spark interest and are fun to walk along. Both you and visitors will enjoy!

Plants Inside Too!

Once you have plants on the outside of your home, pop some on the inside. Have them at different levels for visual attraction. Also try plants with a lot of leaf to maximise the green. They also have a better visual effect than succulents. Trailing ferns or plants with large, solid leaves are effective at making a statement.

What’s more, you’re oxygenating your home, which is healing and stimulating.


You have the option to put in some skylights to increase levels of light inside your home. Sunny spots are always more cheerful and uplifting than darkness. And if it’s too hot, you can always opt for the shaded skylight, all thanks to modern innovation.

Garage Doors

A new garage door is so important! Like a new front door, it lifts the entire look of your house to something smarter and more modern. Once again, you can choose different materials, like wood or steel. And whether you use segmented or roller doors, or doors with windows, all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Do yourself a favour and ensure that it can be operated remotely. If you ever sell your home, it’s something all buyers will state as a ‘must have’.

Light or dark wood, white, black and grey are some of the more popular colours, and each gives a different feel or vibe to your home. You can, select statement colours of you wish. Play around with colour using a photo of the front of your home before buying, so you know it will have the effect you’re hoping for.

New Roof!

Paint your roof again. It’s actually an essential part of renovations. It makes your home look new, while a faded roof detracts from the look of your home significantly. You want to opt for colours that blend into the environment, while looking modern. Black or charcoal grey often look the smartest.

Final Words

Are you inspired? Start with a small project to gain momentum and give your home the makeover it deserves. No. That YOU deserve.