9 Tips for Quick Bathroom Makeovers

Does your bathroom feel dated and drab? Are you considering a makeover but not sure where to start?

Very often, homeowners only give their bathrooms attention when a burst pipe requires them to call the emergency plumber Melbourne residents rely on to keep the plumbing issues at bay. But use these experts for something else—a serious makeover you’ll wish you started sooner. It’s easier than you think!

Simple Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Renovation

In most homes, bathrooms are the most used rooms but receive the least attention in terms of décor. If you’re thinking it’s time to create your ideal bathroom, then you’ll appreciate this easy-to-follow guide from our experts.

1.      Identify What You Want

The quickest way to identify what you want to change in your bathroom is to identify what you don’t like about it. Make a list that you can discuss with your plumber or building contractor. It also helps to have a list (with images) of what you’d like. Your contractors will be able to tell you if your goals are possible in your particular space.

2.      Consider Keeping the Best Existing Features

Sometimes, a few simple changes can make all the difference. That means, it isn’t always necessary to change everything. For instance, changing your 30-year-old bath for a modern free-standing bath might add some much-needed space. But if you like your existing cupboards, consider keeping them, since you know they work for the storage you need.

3.      Add Sufficient Lighting and Ventilation

If one of your pet peeves has always been the low lighting in your bathroom, the remodel is the perfect time to fix that. You can opt for a skylight or two to increase the natural light in the space. A plus point with a skylight is that you can opt for models that open, instantly increasing the ventilation in your bathroom. This will in turn eliminate the growth of mould and bacteria.

4.      Choose the Right Materials

It’s important to check with your plumber if the fixtures you have in mind can work with your existing pipes. You should also ask how easy it will be to repair any of the new additions in the event of an emergency.

Many homeowners use a remodel as an opportunity to check the existing plumbing as part of water leak detection Melbourne and other Australian cities recommend. If your building is relatively old, some aspects of your plumbing system might benefit from newer, more modern replacements.

5.      Choose Products That are Easy to Clean

Many features may look great in a catalogue, but have you asked yourself how easy it will be to clean and maintain? After all, you want it to look pristine for as long as possible. Pick low maintenance features for easy luxury living. Also speak to your plumber about natural ways to clean new fixtures to avoid them losing their shine.

6.      Rather Opt for a Professional

DIY is the buzzword in home renovations. But, when it comes to aspects that affect your home’s plumbing, we recommend always hiring a professional. If your local plumber doesn’t offer a bathroom remodel service, consult a certified bathroom remodelling contractor. A professional service will also offer guarantees and warranties on the work done.

Ensure that you have extensive conversations with your contractor so that they understand what you want changed or added. Good communication and getting details in writing will prevent additional costs to repair a misunderstanding.

7.      Have All Materials on Site Before Work Begins

To have your bathroom renovation run as smoothly as possible, our experts advise that you must ensure that all the new materials are on site BEFORE any work starts. This includes the tiles, basins, taps and any plumbing fittings and pipes that need to be replaced.

8.      Think Outside the Box

One of the reasons homeowners opt for bathroom makeovers is to increase storage space. If this is your intention, it’s time to get creative. Consider these easy space-saving tips that can work even in small bathrooms:

  • Use floating shelves to store towels
  • Place smaller cupboards off the ground to store toiletries – that way you can store items in the cupboard and underneath it
  • Add a shower caddy on the wall next to the bath to keep toiletries cluttering the bath’s edge

9.      Choose Paint Colours Wisely

If you’re opting to paint your bathroom rather than tile it, choose a colour scheme that you won’t get bored with within two years. Don’t opt for the “colour of the season” or the décor theme that everyone’s going with.

Our experts suggest going with neutral walls, baths, basins and other fittings. If you want to add colour to the space, use your removable décor to provide a splash of brightness. This will include towels, floor mats and other bathroom knick-knacks.

Final Thought

Bathroom renovations don’t have to be stressful. Simply do extensive research and planning about what’s most affordable and practical in your space. Use a contractor with credible references and remember it’s vital to have new materials on hand before the walls come down!

Giving your bathroom a makeover will not only improve the value of your home but will also add a touch of style to your space!