5 The Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Today, Android has certainly become a most preferable choice for everyone because of incredible applications equipped in it. These applications are quite user friendly and are available in android alternative to siri applications. Below mentioned are some of popular siri apps:-

Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

1. Iris-alpha:- It’s a smart and a sharp answering application which is capable enough to provide information available worldwide. Because if its smart nature, you can compare it with siri. It is completely free for android. It is certainly is designed to meet or even exceed expectations. This is certainly an excellent app which directly talk to us and keep our entire business arranged and keep our daily regime in an accurate way.  You can named this app a smart pocket assistant.

2. Skyvi:- As the name suggest, it makes you available the sky view. With the help of internet, it may provides you the whole information. Through this, we can get route maps and driving directions on our screen. We can also get to know the famous landmarks around the place you are visiting. You can also named this app as a smart sky view.

3. Vlingo Virtual Assistant:- This incredible app allow you do multi tasking. Its ideal for business people and individuals who keep on moving various cities on daily basis.

4. Maluuba:- Its actually a voice assistant and comes first on the Android. The developer of this incredible and user friendly app is looking forward to improve the services of this siri alternative app. It understands your basic language and then translates it in a way that help in making an perfectly ordered schedule.

5. Sonalight text by voice:- This app works for Android 2.2 and it is capable to do things as per your specifications. This siri alternative app can draft a message with your voice. It is ideal for drivers or chauffeurs. You can explore the entire features only if you upgrade it to a premium of $20.

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