5 Easiest Foreign Languages You should Easily Learn

It is easy to learn Latin based languages for English speakers. A lot of people claim language learning to be really difficult, however, it isn’t. You only need to learn these languages using the correct grammatical method. The method should be such that it connects both the languages conveniently. Here are 5 foreign languages that you should easily learn –
5 Easiest Foreign Languages You should Easily Learn

1. Spanish

Spanish is a Latin based language and if you can speak English and French both, then half your job is done. In fact, if you are into the job market, having Spanish on your resume will be of great help.

2. Italian

Italian is another language whose concept is fairly easy to grasp. Italian is considered to be one of the most romantic languages. Since it is also a Latin based language, it is fairly easy to learn. The sentence structure is so rhythmic that one can grasp it without any hassles.

3. French

A lot of people curse the complexity of French. However, if you are familiar with English, learning French isn’t such big deal. In fact, 1/3rd of English is said to be French. It is supposed to be the mother of the languages of love. The difficulties in French are learning genders, types of verbs and correct pronunciation. If you can conquer these difficulties, you can conquer the language.

4. Portuguese

Portuguese has nasal vowel sounds which is the only difficulty learning it. Otherwise, it is one of the easiest languages with no interrogatives and just one question tags. Now, don’t get confused with the no interrogatives, in Portuguese, assertive sentences are intonated to denote interrogation.

5. German

German definitely looks, reads and sounds extremely difficult but with a little effort this beauty can be won over. If you are very systematic, you will easily be able to grasp the logical methodology of the language. If you can roll your tongue like crazy and get a hang of the pronunciations, you are going to ace German.

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