4 Important Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Lawyer

Family relationships and dynamics are probably the most important you have – outside of work at least. These relationships with your loved ones need continuous nurturing and even if there’s no obligation to prioritise your family, you probably want to?

However, sometimes these valued relationships can become strained and it can deteriorate even to the point of requiring legal assistance. No, it’s never pleasant for a family to get into a legal dispute. However, when you do need the help of professionals like the lawyers Essendon families trust, you can get the right assistance for a better outcome.

When certain difficult times arise and you can’t solve your family issues by yourselves, you’ll need to get expert assistance. A bitter legal dispute is stressful and unsettling, but it is sometimes necessary. A lawyer can help handle issues in an organised and civilised manner. Read further as we highlight the main reasons why family lawyers are necessary.

Child Protection

Knowing how to deal with children is probably the most challenging part of a family conflict, since younger family members are more sensitive. Unfortunately, they often get caught in the middle of disputes between two parties.

Regarding divorces, child custody is often very contentious, because both parents have to stake a claim for getting more, less or equal custody. A good family lawyer will ensure that your children get a fair and smooth custody transition.

It is your lawyer’s job to interpret all sides of the story, the reasons for your divorce and who is able to – or not able to – spend more or less time with your kids. When everyone works together for the benefit of the kids, you’ll eventually come to an agreement that will satisfy all parties.

Most importantly, your children will need the right support once your divorce is settled. A family lawyer would make sure the court can fairly calculate the ideal monthly financial support your kids need. Both parents would then need to contribute a portion according to their financial positions.

Parental Protection

Along with protecting your children during an ugly divorce, you, as a parent, also need to be protected from any injustices. Getting custody of your children also correlates with parenting time – the amount of time you get to spend with your children on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The court decides on the times – and the frequency thereof – based on the best interests of your children and your personal circumstances. You will then have the right to spend time with your children during these periods.

If these guidelines become the reason for conflict between the members of your family, then a family lawyer can intervene.

Prenup Assistance

Something that most newly wedded couples never want to even consider are prenup agreements. Some married couples don’t even have a prenup because they trust their marriage won’t come to an end. But in the event that your marriage does take an unfortunate turn, you’ll need to have a prenup agreement on record.

Divorce rates are high, and for everyone’s benefit, you should have an agreement in place, stipulating how both parties get a fair share of their combined assets. You both need to protect your wealth at the end of the day. You or your spouse might have entered the marriage with pre-owned assets, which will also need to be included in your prenup.

This is where the professionals like the family lawyers Essendon couples use, have always been a help. A family lawyer will help to prepare an objective and fair agreement between the two of you, serving as an objective third party and mediator, so the topic doesn’t lead to unnecessary conflict between happy couples.

Managing Wills and Property Plans

Managing your family’s wills and properties can become tricky and can lead to unpleasant disputes and quarrels between family members. Rather have professionals take care of it! Family lawyers will have your best interests in mind when handling these legal issues.

Your lawyer will help you draft wills and property plans and they’ll keep them safely on record. They’ll also mediate these records and distribute them correctly and legally when required.

A fiduciary, someone who will take care of the assets or money, would also be appointed by your lawyer. The fiduciary would then carry out the directions of the will. Your family lawyer will help to manage all these obligations and make sure they’re done in line with the probate laws of your country.

Final Words

Rather be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Family issues and disputes aren’t something you want to imagine happening with your family, but you have to be prepared for the worst.

Having an appointed and trusted family lawyer will help you ease the burdens of serious family predicaments. Their job is to make the best of your situation, and they have the skillsets to make it easier on everyone. After all, your family deserves the best, right?