3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Off-Road Street Legal: Tips On How To Do It In Montana

If you own an off-road vehicle, it’s advisable to make it street legal to be on the safer side. Here are reasons to make your off-road vehicle street legal and how to go about it.

1.     It’s Convenient

You can go wherever a car can go – and much further with off road street legal vehicles. It’s a beautiful day outside, and you don’t want to load your ATV into the truck only to drive to your favorite riding location. If you have a street legal ATV, you can ride to the farm, the ocean, the trails, or the neighborhood hangout where all the car guys congregate.

2.     It’s Fun

Street legal ATVs, like cars and motorbikes, can be customized, but they can travel places that others cannot. Jumps, wheelies, skids, donuts, and off-road exploring are just a few examples of things you should do only when it’s permitted. So why not take advantage of all these by registering your ATV and taking advantage of all the fun it can provide.

3.     It’s Simple

Making a quad bike street legal does not require many parts. It’s a simple and straightforward process that won’t consume much of your time especially if you choose to work with an agent and let them handle the entire process. The same applies to getting your dirt bike street legal or for a Montana car registration.

What’s Required To Make Your Off-Road Vehicle Street Legal?

Montana has its own set of automobile laws. This general information should assist you in meeting the minimum legal requirements in this state. Before operating a street authorized ATV on public roads, you should always take the time to understand the rules.

You’ll need the following items to make your off-road street legal:

  • Horn. You’ll need this to let other drivers know they’re taking too long in the path.
  • Light and license plate holder. You’ll need these to prove that your ATV is indeed street legal. You might have to answer a few questions at the station if you don’t have them.
  • Blinkers. Traffic must know which way you intend to turn. This also implies that hand controls are required to turn the blinkers on and off. You might be thinking, “If BMWs don’t need blinkers, why should ATVs?” It’s just the way things are. Even street legal golf carts require blinkers.
  • Mirrors. These are essential for an ATV just like any other vehicle

All of that may be purchased online or from a local car shop for a few hundred dollars.

Extra security never hurts.

Another item to think about is purchasing street tires for your street legal ATV. They’ll cost a lot of money, but here’s why they’re worthwhile:

  • More grip equals greater cornering and pulling.
  • Increased grip equals increased safety (and better braking)
  • You will not wear out knobbies on a frequent basis.

A connected kill switch is another important safety item to include. It straps to your wrist or gear and disables the engine in case of an accident. It’s a depressing thought, but the last thing you want is for your street legal ATV to plow into someone’s car shortly after an accident.