10 Weird Things You Did Not Know About Hitler

Adolf Hitler was not only a controversial figure in the world history but he was also popular for his personal antics that most people were unaware about. He was not only weird in his political ambitions but his personal life was also filled with such surprises. He was unique in all what he did. His choice, preferences differed from the normal people widely. However, most people do not know about such things as they were never published officially. We will aware you of all those antics in the following article.

Now that you are already have bubbles in the stomach and want to know about those things, we will present you the top 10 weird things you did not know about Hitler.

Here are they:

1. The concept of Blow-up dolls was discovered and invented by Hitler himself:

The concept of Blow-up dolls was discovered and invented by Hitler himself

The concept of blow up dolls was very unique and interesting. When the German soldiers were creating mayhem in the places they were invading, they faced the problems of sleeping around. Hence, they would sometimes screw the Jews or the other people they met on the way and execute them therefore. Hitler came up with the idea of Blow up dolls, that proved to be the saviors of the soldiers and they could screw the plastic things rather than doing it to the humans.

2. Hitler practiced a vegetarian regime:

Hitler practiced a vegetarian regime

You may be surprised to know that the person who is responsible of killing thousands of people was actually a vegetarian. Whenever he was invited for a dinner, he put forward certain requirements and they were of the vegetarian cuisine. He was not a spiritual vegetarian person though; otherwise the thousands of deaths would have been evaded by the very idea of it. He was simply not interested in the non vegetarian food and maintained his interest for veggie diet throughout his life.

3. He possessed a phobia of blades:

He possessed a phobia of blades

It may be strange to know that Hitler was afraid of blades but he certainly was. When he visited hair dressers, it gave him chills to see blades in their hand. This idea might have arisen due to his fear for assassination. It actually was one of his biggest weaknesses but not anyone else except his close aides had an idea about it.

4. Being kicked was no less than a pleasure for him:

Being kicked was no less than a pleasure for him

As it is reported, Hitler was very demanding in bed. He had a certain set of fantasies and tried his best to pursue them. One of the reports had stated that Hitler loved to be urinated or defecated upon. It was also noticed that he loved being repeatedly kicked by the woman. The idea of the girl kicking him aroused him to the next level.

5. Don Juan replica:

Don Juan replica

He slept with an ample of ladies and was always surrounded by them. One of his nieces was also not spared from his macho attitude. His girlfriends were so terrified from the idea of being together with Hitler that they tried to commit suicides, while some were successful in ending their lives.

6. Hitler was never seen taking off his jacket in public appearances:

Hitler was never seen taking off his jacket in public appearances

He considered that for an orator, the personal experience plays a pivotal role. Hitler was known for never taking off his jacket in public because he was acutely scared of people noticing the sweat marks under his shirt. He was a tidy man who took care of his clothes and his appearance.

7. He loved taking a nap:

He loved taking a nap

When you would hear that Hitler’s usual wake up time was 11 o’clock, you would be more than surprised that the leader of his persona slept until so late. But it is certainly true and it has been reported by many people who were close to this controversial leader. The main reason for his late wakeup calls was his habit of going to bed really late. Sometimes he got to bed around 4 or 5 am.

8. Hitler was declared as the Man of the Year by Times Magazine:

Hitler was declared as the Man of the Year by Times Magazine

This one might sound to be a bit absurd but the Times Magazine declared Hitler the Man of the Year in 1938. The magazine shocked the world again when it declared Stalin the Man of the year the following year. Hitler enjoyed this status and he was happy to be declared the Man of the Year.

9. He was into arts too:

He was into arts too

He often described his love for cabaret, expressionism and jazz music. If he saw some artist performing to its best, he did not take time before applauding him. It is interesting that cabaret was totally opposite to the policies framed in the Nazi government but he was still a huge fan of the art. For another instance, Jazz was taken up by the Jews and there were a substantial number of Jews who performed jazz but Hitler was still fond of the music form and showed his love towards it at several events.

10. He dropped out from the high school:

The fact that he was a drop out from high school is very common and everyone knows about it. He was enrolled into an art school and was rejected twice from that school after repeating the sixth year. However, he did not let the educational scarcity dominate his political life and took some cunning and sharp decisions in his rule.

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