10 Best Affordable Island Hotels

The dream of living in a tree house or taking swim under a palm tree is not far cry from reality now. There is an ample of places in the world where fanatic travelers can take refuge and enjoy the beauty of the nature. With the options available to the travelers, there is no room for compromise or changing plans at the pivotal moment. We have sorted out one of the best and affordable hotels that range at a huge number around the world. Such hotels are now present at the radar of most of the travelers. These hotels can be rented around 200 USD per night and there are some rooms that are available at a minimal cost of 70 USD too. Most of such rooms are either ocean facing or having some portentous facilities intact. Living in these hotels can prove to be a worthwhile experience in many ways than not.  Here is a list of heavenly places that are spread around the world offering a delight to the travelers:

1. Villa Serena (Dominican Republic):

Samana peninsula is already quite popular among the trotters. It’s an unpopulated virgin stretch around the north east corner of the island. This place gives Puerto Cana a run for its money. The silence and the unspoilt beauty of the Samana peninsula place it among top spots for travelers in the current scenario. This peninsula is home to many beautiful and serene hotels. One of them is Villa Serena, which is situated on the Las Galeras Bay.

Villa Serena

This place constitutes scenic features like the Caribbean. There are gardens spread across the area with hints of sand. Another highlight of Villa Serena is its Yoga sessions that take place along the sea side with a scenic view. All these attributes make this place a must visit for the travelers all around the world.

2. La Veranda Resort (Vietnam):

This resort is situated on the banks of Phu Quoc, which is actually one of the most beautiful small towns across the country. It attracts an ample of travelers to its circumference but it is still non commercial and calls for a great nature. La Veranda is a two story resort that reflects a French atmosphere and feel. It has beautiful spacious rooms with net equipped beds. There are two views from the room: One of the oceans and another of gardens.

La Veranda Resort

It also consists of a cozy lounge along with a decorated dining room serving delicacies from all around the world. The feel of staying in this resort is simply amazing and this is the reason why it calls for so many tourists every year. The rooms in this resort start at a minimum cost of 140 USD.

3. Fairbanks House (Amelia Island, Fla.)

Amelia Island is a perfect place with romance like feeling of Spain along with a tropical environment. Fairbanks house is built in an Italian style and calls for a perfect spot for all the fun and relaxation that you can imagine. The building of the villa was built way back in 1885 and since then, it’s known for its big balcony, huge chimneys, dormers and a 15 Foot tower. Fireplaces are present in every room.

Fairbanks House (Amelia Island, Fla.)

The beautiful bath tubs catch every visitor’s eye and compel them to stay at The Fairbanks House forever. The price for the rooms starts at only 180 USD. The bookings can be made at the official website of the Fairbanks hotel.

4. Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa (Puerto Rico):

The Southern coast of Puerto Rico is the least un-explored and therefore it is more peaceful than the other regions of the country. CopaMarina is situated in the southern coast and therefore it is away from all the hustle and bustle. It is spread in a spacious area of 20 acres and surrounded by tropical gardens. The nature and peace at this place makes up for any drawbacks that try to dominate Copamarina. Spa service is certainly the USP of this place.

Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa (Puerto Rico)

A couple of pools and seafood provide a refreshing treat to the guests. Guanica, the popular seaside town is a few walks away from the resort and therefore this place is a junction for all the fun and relaxation available in Puerto Rico. All such facilities are available at the mere cost of 145 USD and above.

5. Lefkes Village Hotel (Paros, Greece):

Lefkes Village Hotel is situated in Cyclades. The scenic beauty of this place is marked by a bunch of good looking churches, wonderful views and beautiful people. This hotel constitutes of 20 rooms with a view of mountain village of Lefkes. It also possesses a swimming pool where the guests can take refuge.

Lefkes Village Hotel (Paros, Greece)

A small museum is also present that elevates the architectural quotient of the place. Some fruit trees are present as well. Prices for the rooms start at 70 USD, which makes it very inexpensive to live there.

6. Fisher’s Loft (Newfoundland, Canada):

Fisher’s Loft is situated at a very fascinating and lucrative location of Trinity Bay and the harbor of Ship Cove. Apart from being situated at one of the most beautiful places in Canada, this hotel is also known for its beautiful clapboard style of architecture that resembles the art from late 1800’s. This hotel serves its guest the pleasure to spot whales and iceberg at the cost of a glare from their balcony.

Fisher’s Loft (Newfoundland, Canada)

The meals that are served in the restaurant are prepared with fresh vegetables picked from the greenhouse and farm attached to the hotel. In a nutshell, Fisher’s Loft calls for a peaceful and interesting stay. For such service, the guests just have to pay 99 USD and more.

7. Rosario Resort and Spa (Orcas Island, Washington):

Rosario Resort and Spa is situated in one of the most popular and the largest islands of Washington State, the San Juan Islands. Spread in the area of 40 acres, this resort calls for the views of East Sound and Cascade Bay. The land of Rosario is shared with Moran Mansion, the former home of Robert Moran, the popular Shipbuilder and one time mayor of Seattle.

Rosario Resort and Spa (Orcas Island, Washington)

It’s now a museum where the collection of Arts and Crafts endorsed by Robert Moran is displayed. The rooms of Rosario Resort and Spa can be booked through its official website online and it costs a mere amount of 99 USD.

8. Auberge Seraphine (St. Lucia):

St. Lucia is one of the most favored spots for honeymooners and could hit your wallet hard when you travel to these beautiful lush Caribbean islands. However, there are some resorts in this island that give portentous services to its guests at the cost of small amounts. Auberge Seraphine is a family run hotel that is situated at the northwest coast. However, there is no beach adjoining the hotel but it gives way for a beautiful swimming pool where the guest can flush out all the stress of the day.

Auberge Seraphine (St. Lucia)

There is a beautiful pad filled pond that is close to Auberge Seraphine. This pond is home to an ample of white egrets. The guests can treat themselves to a tasty delicacy of Lobster or Risotto. The rooms of this serene hotel start at only 125 USD.

9. Sangat Island Dive Resort (Palawan, Philippines):

This island has been voted as one of the most favored islands in 2013 by Travel and Living readers. It is now understandable why they did it. The island is quite popular for rendering services such as diving and snorkeling. After doing these water sports, the guests can return back to the Sangat Island Dive Resort and treat themselves for a jocund cuisine in the restaurant. The furnishings in the rooms have been given a tropical theme and this is one thing to lookout for.

Sangat Island Dive Resort (Palawan, Philippines)

The rooms also have a beautiful ocean view. Sangat Island Dive Resort has an official website where the bookings for stay can be made and the room costs start from 85 USD.

10. La Tosca (Capri, Italy) :

This is a family run hotel that is situated in one of the most expensive locations in Italy, Capri. When someone is told that the rooms here cost 100 USD a night, its hard for him to believe it, considering the posh location of the hotel and the services they offer. La Tosca is white washed hotel that provides a beautiful view of Faraglioni rocks. These rocks can be viewed while having a breakfast at the terrace of the hotel. However, the rooms are very simple and adequately furnished; it calls for beautiful tiles on the floor. This is accompanied with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean from the room. Piazzetta, one of the most favored places in this island is just a few walks away from La Tosca making this place a must visit.

 La Tosca (Capri, Italy)

Important information about the hotel is that it remains closed around the period from November to March and bookings have to be made in advance as there is a huge rush in the season times. Rooms in this hotel start from 100 USD, which are quite a reasonable stay and a good bargain for the travelers of all classes. Some rooms open to a beautiful garden as well and the rates are pretty much assigned according to the rooms.


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