WTF Items Confiscated by Airport Officials

We all have been through security checks; it might be the metro security check or the airport security check. Most people just walk their way through it in a daze not really bothering about it, though some do complain about it. But security checks are a necessity, and not just to fight criminals & terrorists; but to find silly people & avoid a possible catastrophic scenario. People have been found carrying disastrous objects around the world; disastrous not in terms of its lethal powers but rather in terms of it weirdness.

The security checks are definitely helping fight against crimes. Lots of absurd items like knives hidden inside books, cocaine and heroin inside body implants and what not have been discovered. Here’s a list of the hilarious objects found at airports by the security officials.

1. Throwing Knives

In a security check, two deadly throwing knives were discovered hidden inside a book which ironically opened at a page ‘Chapter Two – Ninja Equipment’ at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in D.C. The book had been hollowed out in the shape of the knives in order to carry them easily.

2. Science Project

A science student gave the officials at Omaha, Nebraska, a scare of a life time after his little science project was somehow mistaken for an improvised, homemade, explosive device. This led to the entire check point being shutdown.


3. A Corpse

This is the story of a man names Curt Will Jarant, who was travelling from Berlin to Manchester, in the year 2001, along with his wife and daughter. Jarant was travelling in a wheel chair as he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, with a pair of shades to hide his eye infection.

However some officials got suspicious when they noticed that the elderly man was slumped over in the wheel chair. Later they realized he was dead & was being snick abroad by his family to avoid paying the fee for transporting a dead body.

4. C4 Explosives

God knows what this man, who was found carrying chunks of C4 explosives in his luggage in Yuma, Arizona, was planning to do with these C4 explosives. He explained ‘he was bringing it home to show it to his family’; hard to believe, really.

5. A Pair of Pigeons

In 2009, an Australian man tried smuggling from Dubai a pair of pigeons wrapped in padded envelopes around his calves, over which he donned black tights. He was inadvertently caught & was to face a prison time of approximately 15 years thanks to Australia’s strict rules against animal smuggling.

6. Chameleon Hat

A teenage girl travelling from Dubai to Manchester was caught at her arrival airport for wearing a chameleon hat; a live chameleon hat. This 17 year old had the guts to wear her pet chameleon named ‘Hattie’ as her hair accessory; she nearly even pulled it. The chameleon gave itself away by flicking its tongue. The officials of course apprehended her for her bizarre crime.

7. A Seal Head

In 2004, in the age of technology & knowledge, a Bio professor decided it was alright to travel in a plane with animal parts; a seal’s head to be exact. He wanted to use it for educational purpose. Needless to say, the airport officials were not amused, but they were still kind enough to let him travel if he was ready to leave the seal head.

8. Tarantulas

Dutch officials at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport found a couple attempting to smuggle as many as 200 tarantulas & other insects & bugs by hiding them in suitcase, clothing & containers. Again, this couple ranks high on the creep scale.

9. Snakes

A woman from Stockholm, Sweden, was daring enough to smuggle snakes on her person; in her bra to be exact. And she didn’t try smuggling a single dead snake, but 75 live snakes. Of course she was arrested, but the sheer absurdity of this woman does leave us in shock.

10. Dagger Hairbrush

A woman tried smuggling a dagger cum hairbrush though the Virginia airport, but somehow the security officials got suspicious & apprehended her. We don’t really understand what she was doing with that brush; maybe it was for self-defense? But the woman readily gave it to the officials who allowed her to board her flight eventually.

This list makes it clear that the world is dangerous not only for hoarding dangerous criminals, but for being home to idiots too. And again this makes it important to have security checks too, to keep such people and their craziness in check. Next time you travel, look around you intently & see if you can spot people attempting such hilarious feats.

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