World's Most Romantic Islands

Island is any land surrounded on all sides by water. Basically islands are of two types, continental and oceanic islands. There is a difference between island and continent but the basic theme is same. Islands make for a secluded recluse, which may make one wary of venturing onto an island. But islands have a beautiful side because of their natural scenery and are quickly becoming most sought after destinations for honeymoon, weddings etc. We have lots of islands across the world which have beauty, luxury, beaches, sunny weather, palm trees, sandy trails and all such facilities which makes an island endearing and romantic, besides the inherent seclusion.

Here we are listing some of the islands renowned for their romantic aura. These islands have such eye pleasing sites combined with heavenly weather and warm beaches which coax love and romance out of everyone. These islands have lots of hotels and resorts for your comfort in case you plan on staying.

1) Bora Bora Islands

This south pacific French island is considered as the most romantic island in the world. The white beaches, over water bungalows, privacy for animates, aqua lagoons, luxury hotels all these things together make Bora Bora the center of romance and love. Bora Bora is situated in French Polynesia and welcoming couples from over 40 year.

Bora Bora Islands


2) Santorini islands

Santorini islands are about 200KM southeast from Greece mainland. The most attracting parts of this island are its white washed houses, clear blue skies, natural light, pools, and private wedding points. These islands have all the natural beauty and fine dry weather. Because of its weather, it is the perfect spot for film making, photography and the ultimate destination for honeymoon.

Santorini islands


3) Molokai,Hawaii

Molokai is one of the beautiful and romantic island of Hawaiian archipelagos. According to Wikipedia “the area of Molokai Island is about 67340 km making it the 5th largest of Hawaiian Islands and 27th largest in United States”. This Hawaiian island is full of Hawaiian culture where there is pure natural beauty. This island is fit for adventurous sports, fishing, mule rides & high cliffs which make you fall in love with this island.



4) Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala Island is best for couples because you can book your own private small island which is more than enough for two people. Laucala is situated towards the east Thurston point on the islands of Teveuni in Fiji. From the top view Laucala Island looks like heaven because it is full of culture and diversity. Laucala Island has all the luxury, hotels, beach bars, lounges, lagoon pool, spa centers etc. These facilities make this island a perfect holiday destination for couples.

Laucala Island, Fiji


5) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular island of Indonesia which gives you the experience of both beach and hill station. Bali is situated in the western most end of the lesser Sunda islands, which lie between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Hill side villas, resorts, sports clubs, spa centers make this place a beautiful place to hang around.

Bali, Indonesia

6) St Lucia, Caribbean

St Lucia is world’s no. 1 Honeymoon destination. This island is awarded 5 times at world travel award for its service. St Lucia is around 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and looks something like a mango. Situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, its beauty is enhanced triple fold. Adventurous couples will have lots of fun here because extreme sports like hiking, bungee jumping etc. are available here. St Lucia has a heavenly weather where you can make your honeymoon all the more romantic.

St Lucia, Caribbean


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