The title might sound a bit weird but it is certainly true. Yes, a skateboard has been coated with pure gold and this has elevated up the price to whopping 9,000 pounds. According to the facts and figures, it is the most expensive skateboard that has gone on for sale.

The skateboard is studded with gold plating and it has been made possible with the help of electroplating. The mirror finish of the skateboard is credited to the electroplating done by its manufacturers. The weight of the gold plated skateboard is 80 percent more than the usual skateboard, and it is due to the gold plating done over it. The components in the board are working perfectly well despite the gold plating done over it.

There is a huge hype associated with the gold plated skateboard in the market, thanks to the marketing schemes employed by its developers. However, the buyer of the world’s most expensive skateboard will have to stay extra careful when it comes to handling the board. This is because the erratic handling of the skateboard might damage the coating on it. The developer of the board has revealed that the board is special because of its glowing effect and hence the skater will have to wear gloves while using the skate. This is the most interesting part about the most expensive skateboard.

World’s Most Expensive Gold Plated Skateboard On Sale

The skateboard will be able to work on a normal basis even though it is painted with gold, thanks to the built of the board. However, wearing the gloves every time you make use of the board can be a bit annoying at times. The elements of the board all work in the perfect condition even though there is a gold coating on it. The board has been created by the designer Matthew Willet and he has made it for the New York based skate shop known as SHUT. He made sure that the board is purely functional despite the gold plating on it, especially because of the hefty price tag hanging on it. The components of the skateboard all work perfectly well even the though the weight of the board is actually 80 percent heavier than the usual board.

World’s Most Expensive Gold Plated Skateboard On Sale

In order to provide a mirror finish to the board, all the components had to be hand polished while coating them with gold. This is the reason why it is mandatory for the buyer to wear gloves while using the skateboard. However, controlling the skateboard will be a bit more difficult than the ordinary board because of the heavy weight it possesses. Mr. Willet added that the board went through an ample of trial and error but in the end, it was confirmed to be working very well, despite of the gold decoration done on it.

World’s Most Expensive Gold Plated Skateboard On Sale

The process has not been revealed by the designer of the skateboard but he is very sure that the board will be a big hit in the market. Mr. Willet said that he has been a skater all his life too and creating the gold plated skateboard was not very difficult for him. People are really looking forward to start using the board and many of them are showing interest in buying the same.

World’s Most Expensive Gold Plated Skateboard On Sale World’s Most Expensive Gold Plated Skateboard On Sale

The kind of response and the hype that has been generated since the launch of the skateboard is exhilarating for the creators. Mr. Willet revealed that it is extremely hard to avoid seeing the glowing effect of the board while you are sitting in the same room as the board. The New York based skate shop, SHUT will put the skateboard on sale and the process of the gold plating has not been revealed so far. It is kept a top secret which is increasing the buzz around the skateboard in the market. It is already on sale and the creators are very confident of craving out huge profits from the idea.

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